Republicans Attending The DNC FREAK Out Over ‘All Gender Bathrooms’, Their Reactions Are Disgusting


The 2016 Democratic National Convention included something that has worked conservatives into an absolute frenzy: an all-gender restroom.

Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner found the inclusive bathroom “unnecessarily confusing.”

Westwood also told ThinkProgress that she was concerned about pumping breast milk in the same bathroom that her male coworkers were using. ThinkProgress commented on her concern, “She did not explain why the stall doors did not suffice to provide her with the privacy she desired like they would in any other restroom. She also did not seem to be aware that the convention center is equipped with two lactation suites specifically to meet her needs.”

Not surprisingly, someone from Fox News also took issue with the bathroom. Tucker Carlson called it “bizarre” and “disgusting.” He added, “I mean, I guess we’re liberated by this? Everyone should come visit one and see the reality of it. It’s unbelievable.”

Another attendee found the DNC providing bathrooms for everybody to be divisive.

Although some were put off by the inclusivity (or divisiveness, depending on who you ask) at the DNC, many others found using the gender-neutral bathroom to be exactly the same as using a gender-specific one.

One female convention attendee told TIME:

‘I’ve been in bathrooms that are for men and women, but never in a public arena like this. So it was fun to just walk in and look at the bathroom and see that it’s just a normal bathroom. There’s nothing strange about it at all.’

Another attendee, this one a male guest, said, “Once you experience it, and you’re actually in the restroom, I don’t think it’s really a big deal at all.”

Another woman who actually used the all-gender bathroom commented, “I don’t think it’s strange, I think it’s something you have to get used to.”

The video below, courtesy of Joe Conners via YouTube, features more reactions to the “controversy.”

With so much going on at the Democratic National Convention, from protests by members of the Bernie or Bust movement to Hillary Clinton being nominated to represent the Democratic Party in this year’s election, it seems that certain people are spending too much time focusing on the wrong things.

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