BREAKING: Trump Caught Quietly Applying For Foreign Worker Visas To Staff Hotel (DETAILS)


Donald Trump, Mr. “We Will Build A Wall And Make Mexico Pay For It” himself, is caught in yet another hypocritical lie. Just in the past month, while running for President of the United States on campaign slogans that vilify immigrants and insist that keeping “America safe” involves banning certain people from entering the country, Trump applied for 78 visa waivers for cooks, maids, and housekeepers for his high-end club, Mar-a-Lago.

After all, how can the rich, white men able to afford to be part of this club ever feel superior without bossing around black and brown people? That’s part of the whole 1% experience.

Trump claims that American workers don’t want to do manual labor for between $10.74 and $12.74 an hour. While it’s true that American citizens are sick of working for slave wages and giving an employer 40-hour work weeks while not earning enough money to survive, there is much more to the story of why Trump is forced to hire the cheapest labor he can find.

Trump’s workers at his Las Vegas casino and hotel do not even earn what the average worker performing the same jobs does in other casinos and hotels in Vegas. According to one housekeeper who was part of an effort for Trump’s workers to unionize, a woman named Marisela Olvera:

‘He always brags about how he has millions and millions and millions of dollars, but he pays his workers less than most in Las Vegas.’

When Olvera and her fellow workers tried to unionize for the right to bargain for their wages and benefits, they were illegally retaliated against by Trump’s management and anti-labor law firm. Trump was ordered to pay these workers after a long lawsuit in which he insisted the unions were influencing and intimidating his workers. A judge found that to be a lie.

No, American workers probably don’t want to work for Trump. No one wants to work for an employer who pays his workers less than average wages, and especially not when that employer brags to the world about how wealthy he’s become off the backs of his workers.

So how is it that American voters are willing to vote for Trump, when he hypocritically insists that bringing in undocumented immigrants is dangerous to our country, then hires those same “dangerous” criminals to work for slave wages?

For news coverage of the history of Trump’s labor disputes, see the video below:

Featured image via Flikr by Matt Johnson available under a Creative Commons license