BREAKING: United States Senate In Talks To Prevent Trump From National Security Briefings


Senator Cory Booker gave an interview today on SiriusXM Radio with Joe Madison’s show “The Black Eagle.” When asked about Donald Trump’s treasonous statements calling on Russian hackers to find Hillary Clinton’s “deleted emails” and release them to the public, Booker said he was already in conversations about the implications of Trump’s statements.

‘I want to find out what the appropriate actions will be. … I’m looking forward to sort of getting into more of the details and understanding the full nature of what he was saying, as well as what the implications are and what my options are in office.’

While discussing Trump’s statements, Booker expressed incredulity upon hearing the words. Illegal hacking, especially by a foreign entity of US government, is a risk to our national security. For a man who is running for the highest office in the land to call on foreign entities to perform such an action is unthinkable.

‘Trying to incite a foreign power to take an illegal action against someone who is your political adversary, to me, that clearly disqualifies him to be president of the United States […] This alone should be outrageous enough to see what this person is capable of, what would he be like if he was sitting in the most powerful position on the planet earth? What would his reaction be to inciting violence, to inciting a conflict, to inciting illegal action from the presidency? This is very disturbing.’

NBC News reports that the emails would have to have been hacked several months ago, as the email server no longer exists.

‘There is, of course, nothing to hack into now. The server was decommissioned long ago. Trump seemed to be saying, if anyone did hack into it in the past and still has the e-mails it contained, turn them over.’

Other political figures, both Democrat and Republican, are expressing their disgust and shock over Trump’s words. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said:

‘It’s just one more example of the reckless and dangerous comments that Donald Trump makes that compromises American foreign policy objectives.’

Indeed it is, but perhaps this time there’s something Cory Booker can do about it.

Hear the entire interview below:

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