DNC Turns Lights Out On Bernie Supporters, Their Response Was Pure Brilliance (IMAGES)


On the last day of the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders supporters have donned neon green T-shirts in order to separate themselves from the crowd of convention attendees.

Not that anyone attending or watching the convention from home could have missed them. Sanders supporters have been loud and proud throughout the convention, which wraps up tonight with a speech from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. From protests outside in the streets to chants inside the arena, Sanders supporters have made it clear that they do not condone the treatment Sanders has received from the Democratic National Committee.

The goal of Sanders supporters tonight, though, is to be seen rather than heard. Carol Dorshkind, a California delegate who supports Sanders, told The Hill:

‘It was something suggested online in a national delegates forum. I thought it would be cool to see a whole sea of Bernie supporters.’

Contrary to what some might think, the green attire worn by the group is less of a protest and more of a tribute. Javier Anderson, a Sanders delegate from New York, said, “We wanted to have an appreciation for Bernie Sanders in a way that was visible, but respectful of Hillary Clinton.”


Sanders supporters will definitely be visible, as the shirts, which read “Enough is Enough,” also glow in the dark.

Dorshkind also made it clear when speaking with The Hill that the plan to appear on the last night of the convention in matching attire has been in development for weeks. It is not in response to the DNC emails that were shared publicly by WikiLeaks, nor to any of the other controversies surrounding this year’s Democratic convention.

Anderson emphasized again that the shirts are not a protest against Hillary Clinton. Although some of the supporters have tagged their shirts with the message “#DNCleaks,” Anderson revealed that many others who have chosen to wear the shirts are also prepared to back Clinton in the coming months.

‘This is not against her at all. This is just saying “We’re here, we have a common cause, and we’re ready to win in November.” We want her to hopefully understand that we’re doing it for him as much as we are doing it for her.’

Featured image via Getty.