Donald Trump Just Deleted Melania’s Website But We Got Screenshots First (SCREENSHOTS)


Here is a treasure trove of “deleted” treats that Donald Trump‘s campaign tried to erase from his wife Melania’s website. Even though Trump is practically down on his hands and knees trying to scrub her from the internet, it isn’t working. Someone must have forgotten to tell the Republican presidential candidate that once something is online, it lives on forever.

Trump has tried to hide Melania’s official website. Now, when a seeker tries to access it, all that happens is he or she is reedirected to The Donald’s official business site.

Melania and Donald Trump both disappeared from Cleveland after the speech that humiliated her, one that shamelessly plagiarized Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention [DNC] speech. Trump didn’t show up the next morning at a meeting for a group of major donors, leaving them with no explanation for breaking that important date.

Since that disastrous event, the Trump campaign is doing all it can to tightly control information about his wife. Of course, the lie she told about earning a degree in design and architecture from the University of Ljubljana slipped out. It never happened.

When Trump made Melania’s webpage disappear, he thought the people of this country would not be able to see her many magazine appearances. Then, none could appreciate what the potential First Lady would look like in the boudoir — he thought.

In a way, it is surprising that the Trump campaign would try to hide Melania’s online history. After all, she earned her living for years as a model. Surely, they could have glossed over the negative stories about her images with the lies that are the trade of Trump’s campaign. They should have tried.

There is no way to hide the facts, and this is the sort of thing that happens when you try to run a national presidential campaign on the cheap. You are going to love the screenshots of untold tales that were pulled from the website by Occupy Democrats. Check this out:

Melania Trump's History Of Photos
Melania Trump’s History Of Print Photos. Image: Captured From Deleted Trump Photos by Occupy Democrats.
Melania Trump Bio
Melania Trump Bio. Deleted Image Captured by Occupy Democrats.

In her last magazine appearance, Melania wrote her own article for the January 2006 issue of Glamour. It was “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me,” where she called herself “Wife Of The Donald.”

Melania Trump Glamour Article, Photo
Melania Trump Glamour Article, Photo, January 2006.

Last but not least is the Republican National Convention speaker biographies, including Melania’s for her ill-fated speech. Unfortunately, the lie about Melania’s education was included in the official Republican National Convention [RNC] program.

Melania Trump's Bio Including Education Lie.
Melania Trump’s Bio Including Education Lie. Image captured from deleted internet images by Occupy Democrats.

The conservatives had no trouble pouncing on Michelle Obama, a truly elegant and beautiful woman, after her DNC speech. Imagine what they would have done had Melania been President Obama’s wife. The silence is telling.

Featured Image: Disney/ABC via Flickr, Creative Commons License.
H/T: Occupy Democrats.