John McCain’s Senior Advisor Issues DISTURBING Statement On Sarah Palin & Donald Trump


Nicolle Wallace, senior advisor to the McCain and Palin campaign and George W. Bush’s communications chief, recently took foreign policy to heart and slammed Donald Trump for his lack of knowledge about the subject.

Not only is Donald Trump unbelievably ignorant about foreign policy, much like Sarah Palin, but he refuses to learn. Wallace has firsthand experience with trying to teach Sarah Palin, and she now believes Trump is a lost cause.

Nicolle Wallace worked with Sarah Palin throughout the 2008 campaign on foreign policy, and even after nightly study sessions, masses of literature, and unbelievable frustration, Palin is still completely clueless. However, Wallace claims Palin’s lack of knowledge about foreign policy is not because she didn’t care enough to try.

During a discussion on MSNBC, Wallace pointed out about Palin,

‘Sarah Palin went to bed with an open highlighter smeared on her face most nights because she was trying to learn, she was up all night studying and she understood that she was on the ticket with a man who was respected around the world.’

She then continued on in reference to Trump,

‘I don’t know if this is a gender thing, but he’s not even trying to learn.’

Leaving America in the hands of a man who won’t take any time out of his day to study up on foreign policy, or even ask for any help, is quite terrifying. Trump is ignorant on the subject because he chooses to be. He has had every chance to ask for help, do a little studying, and try a little harder; however, he does not care enough to try.

Wallace continued,

‘He could read “The Looming Tower” and speak more eloquently about 9/11. You could read five books and speak with more nuance and respect.’

Trump cannot take the time to concern himself with foreign policy; he would rather babble on like an idiot, spewing hatred and ignorance across the nation. While Sarah Palin is described as “woefully ignorant” on the subject, Donald Trump is ignorant by his own choice.

Watch the discussion below!

Video courtesy of Bruce Willas via YouTube

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license