JUST IN: DNC Caught Using Seat Fillers & Noise Machines To Make Convention Look Good (VIDEO)


The Democratic National Convention got off to a rough start when Wikileaks released thousands of emails obtained from the Democratic National Committee, some of which showed that the committee had conspired against Bernie Sanders. In response, Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned as the chairwoman of the committee, but Hillary Clinton then hired her as the honorary chairwoman of her campaign. The decision has further divided the Democratic Party, but in past days, party unity appears to have prevailed.

Sadly, appearances can be deceiving, and there are some reports that indicate the party’s show of unity might be just that: a show. There have been reports that the Democratic Party has hired seat fillers in order to project the image of party unity.

The first report comes from a Sanders delegate who says that many of the delegates aren’t being allowed back in to the convention once they leave their seats. Apparently, the seats have already been filled by paid seat fillers, and the DNC doesn’t want the bad optics of a bunch of people getting up and moving around.

Frankly, if the Democratic Party is worried about negative press, they should be more concerned about the fact that they have had to pay people to clap and project party unity. That projection of unity probably won’t help too much come November.

The truly sad thing is that it’s not as if party unity is impossible to achieve. This primary season was a very heated one, but part of that was due to fears that the Party was not giving Sanders a fair shot. If they had simply let the race play out, then it’s likely the party, regardless of the primary winner, would be much more united than it currently is.

As to the seat fillers, we now have found a video on Facebook of a person who admits that they are at the convention as a paid seat filler. Granted, it’s always possible the person isn’t telling the truth, but the video does fit with the rest of what we know.

Seat fillers aren’t the only trick the DNC is using to promote unity. We have also received reports that the party is removing delegates who hold up anti-Clinton signs.