JUST IN: New Polls Show Bernie Sanders’s Endorsement Of Clinton Has Backfired On The DNC


According to the website Collective-Evolution, Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention may have had the exact opposite effect on Sanders’ supporters than was intended.

‘Any objective observer will conclude that–based on her ideas and her leadership – Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States […] Our job is to do two things — to defeat Donald Trump and to elect Hillary Clinton.’

When those comments were booed, Bernie Sanders reminded his supporters what was at stake.

‘It is easy to boo, but it is harder to look your kids in the face if we are living under a Trump presidency.’

Despite Sanders’ appeal to his voters, the endorsement of Clinton may have had the exact opposite effect. Collective Evolution goes on to point out that serious questions remain about the veracity of Sanders’ support of Clinton.

‘And yet, the following morning Sanders shifted his tone at a breakfast hosted by Bloomberg Politics, telling reporters he would return to his post in the US Senate not as a Democrat, but as an independent.’

‘So naturally, questions must be raised. It doesn’t make sense that Sanders would endorse Clinton out of fear of Trump becoming president, especially since Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein shares a platform with significantly more similarities to Sanders’ campaign than Clinton‘s.’

‘The Democratic Establishment hasn’t progressed over the past several decades. In fact, the Party’s vote in favor of the recent Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) shows just how incapable they are of moving forward.’

Mother Jones reporters spoke with Bernie Sanders supporters outside the DNC in Philadelphia to ask who they would vote for over Hillary Clinton. The answers were not exactly what the Democratic establishment hoped to hear.

‘Those who responded ranged from voters who had, grudgingly and with a heavy sense of grief, swung their support behind Clinton to defeat Donald Trump, to others who said they would simply vote for Trump.’

‘”We’re tired of being put in a corner,” said Gail Gouveia, from Massachusetts. Gouveia won’t vote for Clinton and remains undecided. “I was surprised the way people caved in,” she said, “and said they were going to vote for Hillary.'”‘

Is it possible that Bernie Sanders’ supporters, those who believed in such a progressive platform, could switch and vote for the most regressive and homophobic platform in modern history?

We have from now until November to figure that out.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube