JUST IN: ‘Politifact’ Declares That Donald Trump Is ‘A Top Global Economic Risk’ (DETAILS)


During a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 27, 2016, Hillary Clinton told supporters that Donald Trump had been rated more of a risk to the global economy than terrorism.

The claim was startling, so PolitiFact set out to find out whether or not it was true. Researchers there started by asking the Clinton campaign for the source of that statement and were pointed to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

‘The Economist Intelligence Unit — an affiliate of The Economist, the London-based newsweekly — is a research and analysis firm that supplies clients, including businesses, with information about opportunities and risks around the world.’

In March, the Economist Intelligence Unit rated Trump sixth, tied with global terrorism threats, in terms of the threat they pose to the global economy. In July, however, after Trump secured the GOP nomination, the threat increased. Trump is currently ranked third, above jihadi terrorism, as a risk to the global economy.

‘In the July ratings, the only higher scores were 20 for “China experiences a hard landing” and, in a tie with Trump, a 16 for “currency volatility and persistent commodity prices weakness.'”

The risk analysis firm cited Trump’s xenophobia toward Muslims, his “militaristic tendencies,” and his “hostility toward free trade” as reasons for the high ranking. The firm wrote that:

‘Although we do not expect Mr. Trump to defeat his most likely Democratic contender, Hillary Clinton, there are risks to this forecast, especially in the event of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil or a sudden economic downturn.’

The firm had never placed a presidential candidate on the list of risks to the economy before Donald Trump began his campaign of bullying and divisive rhetoric.

Clinton has used these findings in her campaign against Donald Trump, and it’s easy to see why. Americans, when polled, actually rank him higher in ability to work effectively on economic issues than Hillary Clinton. They ignore what his violent aggressiveness toward the rest of the world, his inability to be diplomatic or even as professional as the average office worker, is creating in terms of America’s global image.

They ignore the fact that he is so polarizing that he may have already made it impossible to work with top officials in allied countries before the election has even happened.

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