Obama & Clinton’s Sweet Embrace At The DNC Has Started A Photoshop Explosion (IMAGES)


After Wednesday night’s killer speech from President Barack Obama, he and his hopeful successor, Hillary Clinton, took a moment for a warm embrace on stage to the applause of thousands of delegates and perhaps millions of television viewers. Then the internet stepped in for a photoshop battle of epic proportions.

Once bitter rivals during the 2008 campaign, President Barack Obama took Clinton on as his Secretary of State, and the two have apparently been through quite a lot together and have become close friends. Hillary Clinton has nothing less than a ringing endorsement from our current president.

Clinton Obama Hug 2

But because Internet, the heartwarming image became the central point of a battle between Reddit users who could not stop themselves from twisting the image into all manner of manipulated ideas with photoshop.

According to New York Magazine, Reddit users battled mightly against each other for their best take on the President and (hopeful) future president and then voted on them. Alternately, users could also wait until the photoshop images became so bizzare that they just became uncomfortable and wandered off to find the brain bleach.

These images, all from the Reddit photoshopbattle thread, range from creepy to funny to skillful to just plain weird…

In this one, a Reddit user recognizes that our President isn’t as young as he used to be.
Via DrewHaef/Reddit

And speaking of age, you’re never too old to slow dance at the prom.
Via myphotoshopaccount/Reddit

This pro-quality photoshop submission places Obama and Clinton as the romantic leads in the next Nicholas Sparks date movie, with the touching tagline: “Power is nothing without love.”


Via: martyb*tcht*ts/Reddit

All the kids love dystopian books and movies, and this photoshop entry places the Dem leaders embracing in front of a brackground of a world gone mad… perfect for pandering to Millenials.

Via PapaJulietZulu/Reddit

Nothing and no one was sacred during this Battle Royale of mad photoshopping skills, and contestents had no shame about inserting other players into the previously benign scene. This one was titled “Meanwhile in a parallel universe.”
Via WetCoastLife/Reddit

Kanye West is always trying to insert himself into the limelight.
Via: 7061756c/Reddit

One user decided to use face-swap and posted: “I immediately regret my decision to make this.”
Via spanxxxy/Reddit

Then it got a bit … weird.


Via FROGANUS33/Reddit

Fans of the Twilight vampire romance movies might appreciate this version.
Via hanky1979/Reddit

A more down-to-earth romance is explored in this cover art for “Taking The Hill.”


Via Elelegante101/Reddit

This monochrome version adds a real touch of class and nostalgia, with an animated version with soundtrack here.

Via lukalucasluka/Reddit

For those who haven’t been able to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and just decided we should end it all and just start over from scratch, there’s this version:

Via AgentDarkStar/Reddit

And for Trump fans, there’s this version of the now-iconic image:

Via koshgeo/Reddit

This one would appeal to the Baby Boomers in the voting district:


Via ArsonDaly/Reddit

If you missed this great moment in Democratic Party history, here’s a video courtesy of Metro.

Featured image via Getty Images