Republicans ATTACK Tim Kaine For Wearing Pin At The DNC BEFORE Finding Out That It Means This

Image via screenshot

The GOP has officially lost their collective minds. We now live in a time where the Republican Party, the party that sends the most Americans to be slaughtered at war, can’t even recognize their country’s military service flag.

Last night, Tim Kaine displayed a service flag pin on his lapel in honor of his son. Republicans immediately flew off the handle, accusing the vice presidential candidate of sporting the Honduras flag. That’s right, folks.

Blue Star Service Flag (Not the Honduras Flag)

It’s pretty basic knowledge that family members and friends of service members display the blue star service flag as a way to show their support of their loved one, and all other brave souls who dare put their lives in the hands of the GOP. Blow is a screenshot of the tweet sent out by N.C. GOP.

Since we went to war after 9/11, about 6,800 Americans have died supposedly fighting against terrorism, an issue that has only gotten worse since America’s presence in the Middle East has grown. The deaths of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan has apparently fallen upon deaf ears among conservatives, however.

People on social media had a field day with the GOP’s hilarious accusation: