President Barack Obama delivered a rousing speech on Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention. If Democrats were looking for unity, President Obama might just have delivered. He inspired the audience to carry his 2008 message of hope into the next generation, placing his legacy into the waiting hands of nominee, Hillary Clinton, whom he embraced on the stage to the cheers of thousands of delegates.

He also called out Donald Trump, reminding voters that Trump’s autocratic platform and authoritarian views placed him in a dangerous light. President Obama said:

‘Our power doesn’t come from some self-declared savior promising that he alone can restore order. We don’t look to be ruled.’

And he was right. Both Democrats and Republicans, pundits and commentators, have complimented Barack Obama on his keynote convention speech. More interestingly, the anti-Trump Republicans who watched the speech realized that our current president may just have won the election for Hillary Clinton and squelched the ambitions of their very scary candidate, Donald Trump.

Some sound depressed, some sound relieved, but these Twitter gems offer an interesting insight into one niche of the conservative faction.

Erick Erickson, writer and radio host for Resurgent, a conservative and evangelical website and podcast, seems a bit miffed about being proven wrong.

Ben Howe, contributing editor at conservative blog and right-wing news site Red State, has even gone so far as to announce he will support the Dems this election with this tweet:

‘The status quo is better than a dumpster fire in the name of conservatism by a sociopathic fraud.’

Then again, Howe is much more #NeverTrump than others:

Some right-wingers complained that President Obama’s speech was as inspiring and uplifting as one by their patron saint, Ronald Reagan. Rich Lowry, editor of National Review tweeted:

And Erick Erickson again:

Rick Wilson, Republican strategist and writer for The Daily Beast, provided some in-depth analysis of President Obama’s speech via Twitter. Wilson even told The New York Times in March that he’d take Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

‘So, here’s some realtalk about Obama’s speech. First, it wasn’t for Republicans or conservatives. It was for HRC’s base and the media.’

‘As Republicans, we can either litigate the last 8 years or we can examine what that instrument was for. And if it hit its target.’

‘The speech itself was grabbing the optimistic, can-do attitude. It was also to remind the media how much they love him. He hit that hard.’

‘Hey, remember when Bernie was going to wreck the nomination? Last nail in that coffin tonight.’

‘All these stage-setting moments in this week of an coordinated, organized, planned and disciplined convention sure is different.’

‘Last week, Trumpkins were raving that the diminished RNC ratings were because no one watches TV. I’ll make you an easy bet.’

‘Tonight will be 27 million, 9+ in the demo, tomorrow 30+, 11 in the demo. Star power (political and otherwise) matters.’

‘We’ve underestimate Obama’s ability to move the needle in two elections. Don’t be dumb and think it doesn’t matter now.’

‘And yes, their outreach to the center and to soft Rs is cynical and tactical, but it’s also backed by massive swing state media and field.’

Wilson also took a moment to admonish Trump supporters for low-class tactics.

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