Donald Trump Live Tweeted Hillary’s DNC Speech & Ended Up Having A Mental Breakdown


On Thursday night, Hilary Clinton accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination. During the course of her acceptance speech she outlined her vision for America contrasting it with that of her opponent Donald Trump. Trump, in response, took to Twitter to attack Clinton.

Clinton’s refusal to use the term “radical Islam” has long been a source of criticism by Trump and others on the right, but it is no longer an accurate critique. During a speech she gave in response to Bastille Day attacks, Clinton said that “We are at war against radical jihadists who use Islam to recruit and radicalize others in order to pursue their evil agenda.” Perhaps Trump is unaware that the interent cant be use for things besides Twttter such as Google.

Let’s be crystal clear, Clinton’s ties to Wall Street are well known and they are a major issue for many voters especially those who supported Bernie Sanders. Voters are right to be skeptical of Clinton’s willingness to reform the financial institutions that gave her so much money. That being said, there’s no evidence that Trump would be any better on the issue of reforming Wall Street.

This is simply nothing more than hyperbole. Clinton has never stated she supports completely open borders. No Democratic nominee has ever stated that and for Trump to claim otherwise is completely untrue.

As for the claims that Clinton wants to create world where working people have no power or jobs, that is likely a reference to Clinton’s support of free trade. Once again, he’s correct that it is a major issue especially for those who supported Sanders, but Trump is hardly the champion of the working class. The man is a born millionaire who’s made his money by conning working people out of savings and refusing to pay his bills.

We can argue the merits of Clinton’s foreign policy experience all day. Her decisions have been far from perfect, but ISIS is largely the result of the failed Iraq War led by George W. Bush.

This is one of those statements that is impossible to disprove, but that doesn’t’ mean it is true. Where you believe Clinton has terrible judgment or is corrupt is largely a subjective thing. There are many who would argue that the claims of corruption have been proven false through numerous investigations.

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