BREAKING: Mass Shooting Near Seattle Hits At Least Four Victims, Police Asking For Help


Three people are dead and one has been injured in a Mukilteo, Washington shooting early Saturday. Police were called to a home in a Chennault neighborhood because of reports of gun shots, and that is where they found the victims. Mukilteo is located directly north of Seattle.

Mukilteo police officer Myron Travis indicated 15 to 20 people were in the home when the shooting started. He said the police interviewed all of the people who were in the house at the time of the shooting.

Mayor Jennifer Gregerson held a briefing at a 4:30 a.m. press conference, where she said:

‘There were many young people who saw and heard things that no one should ever experience.’

Travis was also at the briefing, but he declined to confirm the age of the people in the house or the identities of the victims. Speculation is that they could have been either college or high school students.

According to officials, the injured person was taken to a hospital in Seattle. Gregerson reinforced Travis’ comments:

‘Our community has suffered a great loss.’

Travis said a suspect was arrested in Lewis County, when the shooter was pulled over at a traffic stop on southbound Interstate 5. The suspect was taken into custody without incident by Washington State Patrol, aided by the Lewis County Sheriff’s office and Chehalis Police. Then he was released to Mukilteo Police custody, according to Washington State Patrol.

Travis declined to identify the suspect or indicate whether a weapon had been found.

Travis said police identified the shooter based on interviews with the witnesses at the house where the shooting occurred.

Police established a reunification center for parents, relatives, and friends at a church. Susan Gemmer‘s granddaughter called her saying she was at the party and was hiding:

‘My granddaughter called us about 20 minutes after midnight and said she was hiding, that there had been a shooting and that two of her friends were shot and she was shot at.’

‘And she ran away and is hiding across the street from where the shooting was.’

Gregerson said that the survivors would be supported:

‘We will stand with them and be here for them.’

Featured Image: City Of Mukilteo Twitter Page.
H/T: Seattle Times.