JUST IN: HBO Announces ‘Theme’ For Jon Stewart’s New Show, It Is AWESOME (DETAILS)


The first descriptions of Jon Stewart’s new HBO show were released today. According to Casey Bloys, HBO’s programming chief:

‘It’s an animated parody of a cable news network. It’s Onion-like, with video and text. It’s very much Jon’s voice and tone.’

The show is expected to premiere in either September or October, just ahead of the 2016 presidential election. The show will feature animated digital content available on HBO Go and HBO Now; it will also have 30-minute episodes airing on HBO. HBO announced in November of 2015 that Stewart had signed a four-year contract.

For fans who hoped for a return to a format similar to his Comedy Central show, Bloys assures that the digital animated format will allow Stewart to comment on the most current news stories. The short-form videos will be updated several times per day. According to Bloys, the animation will also be done in a way that:

‘Allows [Stewart] to comment on events in real time.’

Since Jon Stewart’s retirement from his wildly popular, 16-year run on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” the former host has weighed in on current political news on several different platforms, including interviews, an appearance on the new “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” and an appearance during the Republican National Convention on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Jon Stewart’s Comedy Central show once made him one of the top, most-trusted news sources among young adults, despite its comedic tone. In a Pew Research study completed in 2007, viewers ranked Stewart alongside news reporters like Dan Rather as the news journalist they most admired.

At a time when cable networks like Fox News can top the charts and call themselves a “news” program while being little more than a right-wing, Republican-opinion talk show, Jon Stewart’s smart, fresh, and hilarious take on political news reporting provided the perfect counter-balance.

Stewart made headlines in October of 2004 by agreeing to appear on the “news” program Crossfire. He used the time allotted to call out hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala as “partisan hacks” who were “hurting America.” The show was cancelled the following year, in large part due to the criticism from Jon Stewart.

To relive Jon Stewart’s final rant on “The Daily Show,” in which he reminded us all to carry the torch on calling out “bullsh*t,” see the video below:

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