Trump Attacks Parents Of Dead U.S Soldier By Claiming He Has Also Sacrificed For America


Donald Trump appeared on “This Week” on ABC News in an interview with George Stephanopolous today to respond to the Muslim father of a fallen American war hero whose DNC speech called Trump out on his anti-Muslim, xenophobic rhetoric throughout his campaign.

Khirz Khan, an American of Islamic faith, suffered the worst tragedy of every parent’s nightmares when his son, US Army Captain Humayun Khan, was killed in battle during the Iraq War trying to save his fellow troops. Although’s Khirz Khan’s son was raised to love this country so much that he was willing to sacrifice his own life to fight terrorism against it, his father’s patriotism and faith have been questioned by extreme right-wing pundits and now, by the candidate he called out, Donald Trump.

During his speech at the DNC, Khirz Khan said to Trump:

‘Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America. You will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.’

Trump’s response was clueless and insensitive, at best. At worst, it was disgusting.

First, Trump stereotyped Khan’s wife, who was silent throughout the speech.

‘His wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say. She probably…maybe…she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me, but plenty of people have written that.’

Never mind that this is a mother who lost her son, whose emotions may still be understandably more than she could trust herself to bear while speaking about her son. Never mind that she was there, in front of all of those people, bravely backing her husband because she obviously felt it was important to do so. Never mind, either, that Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, is often present but silent while her husband speaks, but no one has questioned her silence and speculated on whether or not Trump may be abusive to her. Trump mentioned it because he can’t help but do the same thing that inspired Khirz Khan to speak up in the first place: he stereotyped Muslims as violent and dangerous individuals. After all, they probably…maybe…all beat their wives and won’t allow them to speak.

Then Trump may have uttered the most disgustingly clueless statements he’s made during this entire campaign, and that’s saying a lot considering this is a man who calls Latino immigrants “rapists” and said John McCain wasn’t really a war hero because he was “captured.” This one may actually be the worst statement Trump has made yet.

‘I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I’ve created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs […] I raised and I have raised millions of dollars for the vets, I’m helping the vets a lot.’

You read that correctly. Donald Trump does the “hard work” of being a business mogul who has scammed people for a living and exploited the labors of Latino immigrants in order to live lavishly off the backs of workers he pays less than average wages. He compared that to the sacrifice of a father who lost his son in battle, and to the sacrifice of a soldier who gave his very life fighting terrorism.

See the full segment below:

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