BREAKING: Four People Shot During Horrific Austin Texas Gun Rampage


Two shootings, now confirmed by police to be unrelated, happened within moments of one another in Austin, Texas just after 2:00 AM CST.

The first shooting ended with one female victim in her 20s deceased and three more female victims, each believed to be in their 30s, seriously injured but with non-life threatening injuries. A fifth victim, male, refused treatment from EMTs. The attack occurred on the 200 block of East 6th Street in downtown Austin. Police received the call from 208 East 6th Street at 2:17 AM.

Officers confirmed during a press conference that they are actively looking for the shooter, reported to be male. No further description of the first shooter has been reported. According to NPR, police are currently interviewing several suspects, but local news reports state that there is no one yet in custody.

Police have also confirmed that the first shooting occurred after a “disturbance” involving several people erupted and shots were fired into the crowd.

Video on Instagram from one poster, who was already filming before the shootings occurred, caught footage of the crowd scrambling, surprised, as four rapid gunshots rang out.

A video posted by Steve S. (@stevenjs14) on

The video shows a startled crowd fleeing for safety from the surprise attack.

The second shooting, now classified as an assault, occurred several blocks away just seven minutes later at approximately 2:24 AM CST. That shooting took place near a parking garage on the 800 block of Trinity in downtown Austin. The shooter fired at another individual while witnesses were present. The only injury reported from that incident was the shooter’s, who onlookers were able to ambush and unarm. No one at that scene was found to have suffered any injuries from gunshot wounds. Witnesses are reportedly still being interviewed by police. Police say that while they initially believed there was an “active shooter” because of the timing and proximity of the two incidences, both locations are secured and the two shootings are now believed to be entirely unrelated.

Witnesses described the individual from the second shooting to be male and either Latino or African-American in his 20s.

See the press conference given by Austin Police Chief of Staff Brian Manley below: