Bristol Palin Causes Internet Firestorm After Her Young Kids Are Seen Shooting Guns (IMAGES)


Bristol Palin has lit Instagram on fire with pro-gun rhetoric, thanks to a photo she posted showing her teaching her son Tripp “proper gun safety.” The photo quickly earned “5,000 likes in less than 24 hours.”

In the photo, Palin is seen standing behind her son, hands on hips, watching him shoot what appears to be a low-caliber gun. They both have on protective eyewear and are both wearing ear protection. To be fair, those are all responsible gun safety practices.

#trapper #safetyfirst #teachingthemyoung

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Here’s where we can’t be fair: Why would a seven-year-old child need to know about gun safety, unless their parent plans on putting them in a deer stand by themselves to play great American hunter?

Of course, gun nuts on Instagram are eating the photo up. One user, @therealspeppers69, shared a story from their childhood:

‘My daddy taught me how to shoot and properly use a firearm when I was 3 1/2 years old. By the time I was in 1st grade I could take it apart and clean it by myself under his supervision. The most dangerous gun in a house is a gun hidden from curious kids.’

Other users praised Palin for her responsible parenting, such as user @jenny_smith_ak_33, who commented, “Good job @bsmp2 !!! love this pic! Great experiences for little guys too! People will hate no matter what and unfortunately the haters aren’t open minded enough to actually see that you’re a very responsible mom!”

Funny that user should say that. The photo comes days after Bristol’s husband, Dakota Meyer, posted a photo in which he, “holstered his gun and drew criticism for how close the weapon was to his daughter.” He was just inches away from his infant daughter, who was sitting in a car seat on top of the kitchen counter. Dakota added to the post, “Carrying has always been important to me for my own safety but now it is imperative because now I have someone relying on me.”

He also added, with a link to the company’s Facebook page, “Every day, everywhere I go, every time I carry and am honors [sic] to be using the Blood Strip holster from G-Code Holsters.”

Now, it all makes sense. They are advertising for a company and trying to make some money!

Everyone in or associated with the Palin gang is a huge pro-gun advocate — to the point that Levi Johnston (Tripp’s father) named his second daughter Breeze Beretta. Recently, Bristol posted a photo of herself wearing a pro-everything shirt that said, “Pro Life, Pro God, Pro Gun.”

Featured image via Instagram.