Irish Pub Hangs This Incredible Donald Trump Portrait Over Urinals, Hilarity Ensues (TWEETS)


Would you be surprised if Donald Trump’s aged face appeared over urinals? Well, it has happened. In Dublin, Ireland, a bar has given Trump’s orange portrait a place of honor – over its men’s restroom urinals. Apparently, Ireland isn’t crazy about the Republican presidential candidate.

Tony McCabe manages the Adelphi pub and defends positioning Trump in the loo, according to FOX25 in Boston:

‘In our opinion Mr. Trump has preached much hate in his statements … therefore, we felt that the only place Mr. Trump’s opinion mattered was on the wall of a urinal.’

His action has been a huge draw for people across the entire city. Some come just to take a photo of the Trump face placed right in the potty room. It seems when you’re in, you urine right next to the big man.

After all, Ireland knows that people are willing to leave the country if Trump becomes president. So, the Trump-faced privy is a natural outcome.

The bar manager says that he means no disrespect to the American people, only the one. Trump has always wanted to be king. Now everyone gets to share the throne with him.

McCabe says that in Ireland:

‘Irish bars are well-known for their debates and chatter, and politics plays a big part in those conversations, [however], if he is elected President we shall remove the image immediately as we feel that this would be disrespectful to the American people and to the office of the presidency.’

Adelphi is an old alehouse complete with etched windows, ornate lacquered wooden paneling, and a big fireplace in the late Victorian tradition. A brewery used to be located next door. After work, generations of brewers, draymen, and coopers dropped by the Adelphi. Given their expertise, the brewery men scrutinized its beer until it reached the best quality.

The fine people of Ireland say that customers have been leaving the women’s public lavatory disappointed. It seems they have been wondering if McCabe has any intention of posting Hillary’s portrait in their water closet.

The bar manager must like the Democratic presidential candidate better than Trump. At this time, he has no plans to implement her portrait. Maybe he could just place a photocopy of the Republican’s portrait in the ladies’ powder room.

After all, waste not, want not.

Featured Image: Adelphi Facebook Page.

H/T: FOX 25 Boston.