Scott Baio Attacks Chelsea & Bill Clinton While Defending Trump’s Racism LIVE On Fox News


During an interview with Deirdre Bolton on Fox Business’s “Risk and Reward” program, Donald Trump campaign surrogate Scott Baio turned a conversation about Lena Dunham and America Ferrera’s Democratic National Convention speech into an even nastier conversation than needed to be had on the subject.

The video of the interview can be viewed below:

After playing a clip of the actresses quoting sexist comments that Donald Trump has made about them in the past, the actor responded by saying:

‘Going on those comments. They’re going after Donald Trump. I’m wondering if anybody backstage or on stage actually went up to Chelsea Clinton and said, “Hey, how do you feel, being a young woman, how do you feel that your dad was accused of rape and how do you feel that he had many, many, many affairs behind your mother’s back?”’

After the host proceeded to make a comment about how “uncomfortable” Bill Clinton’s speech was, Baio went even further:

‘It’s so easy for the media to ask Ivanka Trump about her dad, who’s never been accused of anything like that. But nobody asks Chelsea Clinton about all the allegations about her dad. I find that so interesting and so hypocritical.’

Really, Scott? Clinton’s daughter?

Bolton, however, failed to correct Baio after he made the completely false assertion that Trump has never been accused of rape. In fact, the Republican nominee for President has been accused of rape on three different occasions by three different women.

Mediate even ran a story earlier this month discussing how the media consistently blacks out serious sexual assault allegations against Trump, which is uncharacteristic of an industry that often obsesses and sensationalizes every detail of these types of allegations when they involve other celebrities. One of the primary examples is the case of Jill Harth, who made serious allegations against Trump in the early 90s.

Bolton, of course, continued this pattern of silence by failing to correct Baio’s remarks. Instead, the host let him slide, and encouraged him to come on the show again. She even praised him for another stupid and banal comment that he made about millennial voters, just for kicks:

‘Well, Scott when you’re in New York, you’ll sit beside me. I like what you said about being American does not equal getting free stuff. That was fantastic and we thank you for delivering that line. It is an important one. Especially for younger people to hear.’

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