Trump Spokesperson Goes On CNN & Proceeds To COMPLETELY Humiliate The Entire Campaign


While participating in a panel today on CNN, contributor and Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes tried her best to defend Donald Trump’s attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of a Muslim-American soldier who died in Iraq in 2004. Unfortunately for Hughes, her best efforts weren’t enough.

When Hughes was asked to make a case defending Trump’s attacks on the Khan family, the best she could come up with was a complaint that CNN’s panel was biased.

Despite the group of four including herself and another life-long Republican strategist, Hughes still insisted that things were unfair. “Look at this panel,” she said. “Four versus one.”

At this point, co-host Kate Bolduan pointed out to Hughes that “Criticizing the makeup of a panel does not help the argument for Donald Trump.”

Hughes continued to rant about the media’s bias against Trump, arguing that there is “not a fair vetting process from the media.”

Hughes also questioned Khizr Khan’s motives for speaking about his son’s sacrifice at the Democratic National Convention. She spoke vaguely of Khan’s law firm having connections to Clinton, then criticized his speech, saying he “could have done a better job at promoting how wonderful this country is.”

When she returned to her complaints about the panel being biased against her, the co-hosts pointed out the other Republican on the panel, Rich Galen.

‘Look who’s on the screen right now.’

When Hughes argued that Galen was against Donald Trump, Galen spoke up, explaining why he was no longer in favor of the Republican nominee.

‘I was in favor of Donald Trump. I tried to defend him, I tried to be for him. I’ll tell you when I fell out of love with him. When I fell out of love with him was when he went off the reservation on that federal judge by calling him a Mexican when it was his own personal case that was being tried that had nothing to do with the campaign. That’s when I fell out of love with him.’

Despite attempts from Galen and others on the panel, Hughes would not drop her insistence that they were being unfair to her. Before cutting to a commercial break, Hughes can still be heard complaining.

Finally, Bolduan responds, “Oh my God, Scottie, really if you want to waste more airtime talking about the weight of the panel go right ahead. I’m actually really surprised that you would go on this route rather than making a cogent argument for your candidate.”

Watch the panel discussion below, courtesy of Ben King via YouTube.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.