Twitter Responded IN FORCE To Donald Trump Backing Out Of Debates With #TrumpDebate Excuses

The Twitterverse hit Donald Trump with a tweet storm of mockery using #TrumpDebateExcuses hashtag over his complaints about presidential debate schedule.


Donald Trump took to Twitter to whine about his debate schedule with Hillary Clinton, claiming that he was set up to fail when some of the dates coincided with NFL games.

The schedule for the presidential debates is set up by the Commission on Presidential Debates, long before the candidates are even chosen. But apparently, this is just another one of those political procedures that highlights Trump’s ignorance about politics and the position he’s trying to win.

But leave it to Twitter, Trump’s favored form of reaching his demographic, to hit back hard and humiliate the real estate mogul for his lack of fortitude. Trump’s whining resulted in a stream of #TrumpDebateExcuses tweets designed to put him in his place.

Here are a few of the gems. Some tweets simply referred to Trump’s general disagreeableness and privileged attitude.

Others referred to the Republican nominee’s vaguely disquieting hair:

Some Twitterverse denizens referred to his “relationship” with Putin:

And still others referred to Trump’s speaking style and his reliance on con man-style bluster:

And of course, other Twitter users referenced the fact that Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns:

And others just flat out called him out on childish cowardice:

It could be that he knows he’s just not ready to debate Hillary Clinton on the serious issues, and you can be sure that the former Secretary of State will trounce Trump when it comes to foreign affairs. On Sunday, Trump revealed his ignorance of world events by saying that Putin wasn’t in Ukraine, even though the Russian president stealthily invaded the country two years ago.

Trump even claims to have received a letter from the NFL commissioner saying that the scheduling was “ridiculous.” And Trump was backed up by Republican Party chair, Reince Priebus, who agrees that the schedule was designed to keep viewership low.

Considering how little Trump knows about foreign policy, the U.S. constitution, and common political procedures — and based on his scant platform with very few real ideas for moving the country forward — you would think that low viewership for the debates would be to The Orange One’s advantage. The fewer Americans that see what a fool he and his candidacy are, the better for his reputation, whether he wins the White House or not.

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