BREAKING: First Republican Congressman Defects From GOP, Vows To Vote For Hillary (DETAILS)


Representative Richard Hanna (R-NY) became the first Republican in Congress to publicly denounce Donald Trump and to endorse Hillary Clinton in an open letter printed on today.

Representative Hanna explained that he simply could not find it in his conscience to vote for someone “profoundly offensive and narcissistic…anything but a leader” several months ago in another open letter. At the time, Hanna was simply part of the #NeverTrump movement. The letter printed today, however, is the first from any member of Congress that openly promises support and a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Hanna’s scathing letter explains in no uncertain terms why this Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives is breaking from party unity. His decision is due in part to Trump’s lack of morals, intelligence, and honesty, among other things.

‘At a minimum the president needs to consistently display those qualities I have preached to my two children: kindness, honesty, dignity, compassion and respect.┬áI do not expect perfection, but I do require more than the embodiment of at least a short list of the seven deadly sins.’

Representative Hanna went on to denounce the entire GOP, insisting that they have, for years, been focused on reflecting policies geared toward the worst qualities of their voting base — homophobia, sexism, and racism, for starters — and that they are no longer capable of nominating a viable candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Hanna cited Trump’s unrepentant defense of his use of bankruptcy laws to avoid consequences for the business choices he’s made, which have been paid for by the income of those far less wealthy and able to afford to pay for those choices, as an indicator that he is without a moral compass. Further, Hanna stated that the endless stream of offensive insults that Trump spews during his campaign, including those that denigrated war hero and former presidential candidate Senator John McCain (R-AZ), as well as the Muslim family of a fallen soldier, as reasons that Trump is “unfit to serve our party and cannot lead this country.”

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