BREAKING: Judge Rules AGAINST Donald Trump In University Scheme To Defraud Students


Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel ruled against Donald Trump in a lawsuit, because he found a “genuine issue” that Trump University was just a scheme meant to defraud. That means attorneys presented him enough evidence to go forward.

The class action lawsuit makes the allegation the billionaire designed his “University,” which lacked an accreditation, to bilk students out of thousands of dollars.

There were three misrepresentations alleged, according to “The Atlantic:”

  1. Trump University was an accredited university.
  2. Students would be taught by real estate experts, professors and mentors hand-selected by Trump.
  3. Students would receive one year of expert support and mentoring.

In his opinion, Judge Curiel wrote:

‘The Court agrees with Plaintiff that the evidence in the record raises a genuine issue of material fact as to whether Defendant [Trump] participated in the operation or management of the enterprise.’

In addition, Curiel found Trump made “false and misleading” representations in his “scheme to defraud” those ill-prepared to afford Trump’s con.

Trump’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case. They claimed that Trump wasn’t “integrally involved” in the daily operation of the fake organization. The defense attorneys also claimed there was not enough evidence collected in deposition to proceed.

Curiel found against Trump’s lawyers and is moving forward. The judge is the same one that Trump tried to insult with comments about his Mexican heritage.

Although the judge was born in Indiana to Mexican immigrants and is a U.S. citizen, Trump said the background of the judge, was relevant. Trump’s political campaign has rested on a strong anti-immigration policy. In addition, Trump has peppered each of his campaign rallies with a chant of “build a wall.”

The Republican candidate has claimed that immigrants are “rapists and murderers,” referring to the murder of a woman in San Francisco by an immigrant illegally in the U.S., but living in San Francisco, which is a sanctuary city.

Trump said:

‘I’m building a wall. It’s an inherent conflict of interest.’

The federal judge is bound by a judicial code of ethics, which says that judges:

‘…should not make public comment on the merits of a matter pending or impending in any court…[judges] should not be swayed by partisan interests, public clamor, or fear of criticism.’

In a separate ruling, the judge ruled against media seeking to get Trump’s videotaped deposition released.

H/T: “The Atlantic.”