Dr. Drew Issues DISTURBING Mental Health Analysis Of Donald Trump & His Followers (VIDEO)


Most, if not all, Trump haters agree that he is mentally ill. With Trump’s increase in erratic behavior, the media is now actually focusing on that possibility. And now, the questioning of Trump’s mental health is gaining validity and legitimacy thanks to Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Dr. Pinsky spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon Monday night and confirmed what everyone has been thinking. Pinsky said that, though not legally insane, Trump does “show signs of multiple mental illnesses.”

‘There’s two definitions of sanity, one is legal definition, and that is somebody who is so out of it they don’t know the difference between right and wrong. That is a very high standard for insanity, (and) very few people meet that standard. When you’re legally insane, you’re really not functioning. Clinically, medically, usually when we talk about insanity, we mean psychotic, hearing voices, hallucinations.’

Since Trump is able to function and doesn’t appear psychotic (even though many would disagree), he does not fit the legal or clinical definition of insanity, Pinsky reasoned. However, he assured Lemon there is plenty that could be wrong with Trump and noted Trump’s vast amount of narcissism. Pinsky said, “People want to label him with a narcissistic personality disorder, and that is a pretty tough, tough thing to do at a distance.”

However, he did note that narcissism, at times, could be a good thing.

‘But let me just talk to you, narcissism generally can be a good thing. If you’re a fighter pilot, we want you to be narcissist, not to have fear in extreme circumstances. Most political leaders have some degree of narcissism, what motivates them to go into these areas. We’ve done research on this, (and) it bears that out.’

The Star recently published an article that supports the idea that although Trump is “definitely narcissistic,” that is a fairly common trait in presidential candidates.

Pinsky went on to talk about the possibility of Trump being a sociopath. Despite many, including John Oliver, believing Trump is one, Pinsky disagrees. Why? Because he appears to have a great relationship with his children.

‘It is unfair because sociopaths are usually tied up with really, serious problems with criminal behavior, but, you know, you can be manipulative, can be narcissistic and still do okay in life. But, again, your relationships usually have extreme pathology. (It’s) very difficult to raise healthy kids, very difficult to have sustained marriages if you’re deep into narcissism.’

Wasn’t Trump married three times? Regardless, Pinsky went on to criticize Trump and highlight signs that do point towards mental illness. He specifically highlighted Trump’s reckless behavior.

‘The question, though, is, are some of the reckless qualities that everyone is getting so disturbed about on the campaign going to be translated into office should he get elected? That’s a pretty hard thing to predict. I don’t know if this is just somebody playing politics, or is this somebody who really can’t contain their impulses?’

Pinsky then offered up a possible diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

‘When I hear people that are impulsive with their speech, I worry about hypomania and bipolar types of conditions. As he says, he has boundless energy. Again, a little hypomania can be great. There are a lot of hypomanic businessmen that get a ton done. Containing your speech, be thoughtful, take a beat before you say something, for those people it can be very, very difficult.’

However, Pinsky’s true curiosity is in the Trump supporters and why they would support someone who could not be shamed. He said, “What’s more fascinating to me, Don, is not him but his supporters that seem to not be concerned about any of this.”

He offered up one explanation:

‘I have a radio program on KABC, (and) what I keep hearing from listeners there is enough is enough. If somebody is going to fight back, they’re going to say, whatever, and I don’t care what he says as long as it’s extreme and pushing back and he’s putting my county and my job first, I’ll get behind him whatever he says. There’s disregard for the content.’

So, whose fault is it? The fault lies somewhere in our own culture. According to Pinsky, “Why (do) we watch reality television? Why do we do this? Let’s examine that.”

Pinsky would know best. He’s a former reality star after all, having starred in “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” “Sober House,” and “Celebrity Rehab, Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew.” He also served as “health and human relations expert” for the first season of “Big Brother.”

Watch the interview with Dr. Drew below.

Featured image by Gino Santa Maria via Big Stock Photo.