‘Family Values’ Dollar Store Manager Refuses Service To Muslim Woman Over Head Scarf


A Muslim woman wearing an Islamic head scarf was ordered to leave an Indiana discount store by a manager who suspected her as a robber.

Sarah Zawjahtul AbdAllah Salaam, the woman wearing the niqab covering her mouth and her nose, recorded video of the disturbance at a Family Dollar store in Gary.

The video she posted on her Facebook Monday evening, shows the store manager scolding Salaam for wearing the religious head gear inside the discount store. The manager says,

‘Yes ma’am, if you cant remove that from your face I need you to leave the store.’

Salaam admonishingly reminds the woman that her headscarf, which revealed her eyes, is a religious garment, and repeatedly ask why she has to leave the store. The managers reply was firm in her demand.

‘You have to understand, too, that this is a high-crime area where we get robbed a lot. You need to remove that from your face or remove yourself from the store. Remove that from your face or remove yourself from the store, please. I’m the manager, and I’m telling you to leave my store. Have a blessed day. My name is Janie, and have a blessed day.’

Salaam protests to the managers order of leaving the store and threatens to call the Family Discount Corporation to report her. Salaam says:

‘This is a country where it’s freedom of religion and it’s freedom of speech. I have a right to wear whatever I want to wear. There’s women that come in here with bikini tops on.’

The manager threatens to call the police if Salaam doesn’t leave the store. The manager says:

‘I’ll have the cops come and remove you, thank you.’

Salaam continues recording the video briefly as she leaves the store. Before leaving the store, Salaa, had this to say:

‘Allah help this world right now.’

Yet another incident of bigotry has taken place, although incidents like this happens more often then seen, luckily it was broadcast for all of us to see. Just because someone appears to look different isn’t an excuse to rebuke them. Ask questions if you don’t understand, but just don’t assume. It makes you look like an ass.

Video provided by Screen Recording from Facebook

Featured image provided by: Screen Capture