BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Floored As Wikileaks Releases Hillary’s Financial Ties To ISIS (DETAILS)


The web of illicit connections that Hillary Clinton has accumulated through decades of high profile work is catching up to her.

WikiLeaks has just helped reveal that Clinton has financial ties to the Islamic State terror group, better known as ISIS.

These ties come through Clinton’s involvement with the French industrial giant Lafarge.

Lafarge has bonded itself to ISIS for years through its oil operations in Syria, according to a slowly emerging group of investigations.

The company already ran operations in Syria when the Islamic State snaked its way across the countryside as it slowly took over. As the terror group threatened its plant, Lafarge struck a deal with ISIS, cooperating for the safe and continued operation of the oil operation.

A date was set — September 19, 2014 — after which the company would pull out of the plant, handing it over to the Islamic State. All the while, Lafarge reaped huge profits off the deal the company struck with the terror group.

Besides the handling of the company’s plant, Lafarge has also been revealed, through leaked internal emails, to have a long history of buying ISIS oil.

Thus, Lafarge is financially implicated in ISIS terror from the deserts of Iraq and Syria, where whole tribes have been taken hostage with women and girls sold as sex slaves, to Nice, France, where almost 90 Bastille Day celebrants were murdered by a rampaging ISIS terrorist just weeks ago.

These hidden details about the company have come to the surface as the city of Paris struck a deal with Lafarge, setting up the firm as “corporate partner and sand provider to the City of Paris for this summer’s Paris-Plages urban beach event.”

As for Hillary Clinton, The Canary reports that she was one of the company’s “earliest benefactors,” having even served on Lafarge’s Board of Directors from 1990 through 1992.

That’s not all though. Lafarge is a “regular donor” to the long scrutinized Clinton Foundation.

The Canary reports:

‘Lafarge… has close ties to… Hillary Clinton. Apart from being a regular donor to the Clinton Foundation, Clinton herself was a director of Lafarge in the early 1990s, and did legal work for the firm in the 1980s. During her connection to Lafarge, the firm was implicated in facilitating a CIA-backed covert arms export network to Saddam Hussein.’

The firm was also held in legal scrutiny by the United States government in the 1990s for flamboyantly disregarding environmental regulations.

Looking at the history of what has happened after other world leaders have had ISIS ties exposed is ominous. Turkish president Recip Erdogan had ties to ISIS exposed some months ago by a Russia Today investigation.

Erdogan has quickly become even more fiercely hated than he already was by massive segments of Turkish citizens. In just the past few weeks, a military coup attempt was staged, leading to thousands upon thousands of civilian deaths.

While a military coup might be a little less likely to occur in the United States than Turkey, danger remains.

These revelations have already begun to further incense the “Never Hillary” bloc of voters, fueling hatred that will surely continue to surface. Tens of thousands turned out to, sometimes violently, antagonize the recently concluded 2016 Democratic National Convention with Never Hillary marches.

From the other side as well, some of the most outspoken Trump supporters have literally threatened “bloodshed” and “war in the streets” should the election be “stolen” from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Poll after poll continues to point to a Hillary Clinton win come November. The question is whether or not Clinton can keep the ISIS money funneled to her Clinton Foundation from blowing up in her face.

Featured Image via Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images.