BREAKING: Trump Rally Spirals Out Of Control, Protester BRUTALLY Beaten While ‘USA!’ Chants Roar


Video footage recorded at a Donald Trump rally in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania reveals the shocking and terrifying zeal that Trump supporters show for their candidate and what they believe represents America.

The video, which lasts about a minute, was posted on Twitter by @Cbugsy3 and shows a large crowd viciously assaulting a Trump protester. Penn Live described the attacks as grabbing, tossing, tearing at clothes, and someone “throwing a punch at the protester.” The mob mentality then took over near the end of the brief video with Trump supporters chanting “USA, USA!”

According to Raw Story, the protester did not file charges and also refused medical aid stating he had done what he wanted to get done.

The Silver Spring Police Chief Chris Raubenstine spoke with Penn Live and said, “People got to realize that just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t mean you can punch people.” He also added the protester would still have the right to file charges at a later time.

According to Casey Boguski’s Twitter, the video was deleted due to the school board calling their mommies. How precious. Boguski, a high schooler at Trinity High School, continued, however, to defend the crowd’s actions in several tweets to those outraged by the video.

‘Jamie we all had to stop the guy from screaming and waving a flag until the police came, please realize how stupid you sound.’

Boguski also didn’t seem to quite understand that violence does not make America safe and that there is a difference between throwing someone out and physical assault. Boguski may want to revisit his civics class and learn about the First Amendment and how men and women have died for centuries now to protect our right to protest.

Featured image screenshot from YouTube.