In The Past 24 Hours Donald Trump Has Had 20 Disasters, We List Them Here (LIST)


Donald Trump has shifted from “unraveling” and has now reached “cover your heads and hide the children” status. Republicans fear he is losing control.

So, who has he not offended in the past 24 hours?

His war with the Khan Gold Star family seems bizarre, and it kicked off a full day and night of weird.

The Republican presidential candidate continued attacking the father of a fallen soldier, Khizr Khan, throughout the day. Then, he said that he had no regrets about his clash with the family.

Trump surrogate Katrina Pierson said President Obama and Hillary Clinton are at fault for the death of Khan’s son, Humayun Khan. The problem is, the soldier was killed in 2004, well before either Democrat was in the executive branch.

Ari Melber interviewed more than 20 security and immigration officials, and NBC reported that these experts said Trump’s immigration plan would be:

‘…virtually impossible to implement and would cripple the U.S. immigration system.’

This morning, Trump did not endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Then, he made it worse: The billionaire announced his support for the speaker’s primary challenger, according to the Washington Post.

NBC’s Katy Tur’s source said that Republican Party leader Reince Priebus is “apoplectic” that Trump won’t endorse Ryan. To cover his posterior, Priebus reported he is calling the campaign with his “extreme displeasure.”

Trump never endorsed Arizona Senator John McCain, either, calling him a “loser” for being a captive of war in Vietnam. He also just reminded us that he doesn’t intend to ever endorse the senator because:

‘[McCain] has not done a good job for the vets.’

He smacked down New Hampshire’s Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte by saying:

‘She has given me zero support.’

And he tried to shake the American economy, suggesting people pull their 401(k)’s funds out of the stock market.

Then, the billionaire accepted a veteran supporter’s Purple Heart [real or a replica, depending upon the source] and said:

‘I’ve always wanted to get the real Purple Heart. This was much easier.’

Yesterday, Trump was revealed to have dodged the draft with five deferments. Four were for education, but the fifth was a questionable heel spur medical deferment.

A federal judge ruled against him, saying Trump University was a scheme to defraud enrollees.

Trump said that the victim of sexual harassment has to deal with the problem herself or himself:

‘[It has] got to be up to the individual.’

He also told a mother to get her crying baby out of one of his rallies. Was it a joke? Maybe.

The conspiracy theory king continues to claim:

‘If the election is rigged, I would not be surprised.’

Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort’s friend told CNBC’s John Harwood that Manafort is:

‘Mailing it in…[and the rest of the staff is] suicidal.’

Hewlett-Packard head Meg Whitman, former Christie aide Maria Comella, and current Republican Representative Richard Hanna are all voting for Clinton.

In the middle of a Washington Post interview, Trump paused to watch political coverage on TV.

The Clinton campaign and the media are questioning the Republican nominee’s temperament. News outlets have featured psychologists and various other authorities discussing how mentally ill the Republican candidate is.

Then Trump “hair-triggered” tweets in his own flawed defense.

For the first time in U.S. history, the sitting president publicly called Trump “unfit to serve.” Then President Obama asked Republicans to withdraw their support for him.

So, the Republican leadership has a dilemma. Should they un-endorse Trump? Should they try to expel him? What about an intervention?

Could they insert a new presidential candidate, given all the tedious technicalities involved?

Time will tell. Trump is unpredictable.

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H/T: NBC News.