JUST IN: GOP Leaning Fox News Presidential Poll Released, Results Show GIANT Surge For…


Donald Trump must be trembling under his hair piece to know that the Fox News Poll revealed that Hillary Clinton is now leading Donald Trump by ten percent.

Clinton’s lead in the Fox News Poll  surprisingly increased from 44%-38% to 49%-39% in less than a week. A troubling trend for Republicans is the absence of support for Trump. Trump’s support has been between 38% and 39% support for the past six weeks. In a three party race with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson included, Clinton leads 44%-35%-12%. Trump isn’t being shown much support knowing that nearly half of republicans (49%) would rather have a different nominee, while 56% of Democrats are satisfied with Clinton.

The voters agreed and voted Hillary Clinton to be trusted more in making decisions, nominating the next Supreme Court Justices, looking out for the nation during harsh  economic times, using nuclear bombs and protecting the constitution. Strictly speaking, Hillary was voted more qualified to fulfill the duties as president, While Trump was not. Sixty-five percent of those who polled stated that Hillary Clinton was qualified to be president, but only 43 percent polled that Donald Trump was qualified to be president.

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The unfortunate decline in Donald’s support is most likely due to the statement Trump made about the Gold Star Khan Family earlier this week, questioning if Khizr Khan’s wife Ghazala was allowed to speak at the DNC. The Khan family didn’t find Donald Trump statement amusing and apparently the voters didn’t either. Trump’s statement caused a devastating blow to his campaign as 69% of those polled said that Trump’s comments were out of bounds.

Whether Trump realizes it or not, voters are actually paying attention to the things he says and the way he conducts himself when someone opposes him. The voters, after a long time,  are finally coming to the conclusion that Donald Trump isn’t qualified to be president. Fox News Polls revealed Trump having low percentages on the qualifications and character questions.

There is an awakening among the American people and we are all coming to one accord and deciding that we would rather vote for a reserved, competent and educated president over a Republican nominee who consistently flips his lid when things don’t go his way.

Apparently the eccentric Donald Trump isn’t going to step foot in office after all, as our nation has finally came to its senses. For once Hillary Clinton is progressively leading by being a respectful, sincere, and competent leader, while Trump continues to attack anyone in his path and further make the republican party appear to be incompetent

Image provided by: Fox News Poll (Screen Capture)

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