Meghan McCain Goes On Fox News & Proceeds To DESTROY The Trump Family One By One


Despite John McCain’s endorsement, we think it’s safe to say that most of the McCain family aren’t on-board with Donald Trump’s campaign. Last week, the Arizona senator’s granddaughter, Caroline McCain, announced that she would support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Caroline isn’t the only member of the McCain family who has had issues with the GOP nominee. During an episode of Fox News’ OutnumberedJohn McCain’s daughter, Meghan blasted trump for attacking her father and the Khans.

Trump stated that he had never fully supported John McCain because he thought that the Arizona senator hadn’t done a good enough job for veterans. Meghan McCain responded as both a daughter an analyst.

She stated that her two brothers had both served in the military while Trump’s kids had spent their time doing reality shows. She said that Trump’s claims that her family didn’t understand war or veterans was “heartbreaking.” McCain, who stressed that her family is no better than any other military family, mentioned that she came from a long line of military veterans and that this is the first time she has had her family’s service questioned.

Regardless of how a person might feel about McCain’s political views, it is undeniable that many in the family have risked their lives in service to the United States. For any presidential candidate to question their service, especially one whose family has, as Khizr Khan said, sacrificed nothing, is shameful.

Speaking as an analyst, McCain blasted the GOP nominee for “shooting inside the tent.” Both Paul Ryan and John McCain have thrown their support behind Trump and for him to refuse to endorse them is simply unheard of and foolish. Trump’s actions are dividing his party and making it even more difficult for those within the party to support him. His victory is far from assured and he’ll need the support of Republican leadership if he hopes to win the White House.

Even if Trump wins in November, he could find himself very isolated within Washington. His antics could lead to a Democratic victory in both houses of Congress, giving him no way to implement much of his agenda. If the Republicans do manage to hold on to Congress, it’s possible he’d still face opposition from within a fractured GOP.

You can see Meghan McCain’s full statements here:

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