New York Times Releases Compilation Of Unseen Videos From Inside Trump Rallies, It Is TERRIFYING!


In the rapidly-shifting news cycle of politics, particularly during a presidential election season, a candidate is only as relevant as his or her latest scandal.

While Trump’s campaign staffers are working double time to shore up his most recent awfulness, bullying a Gold Star family who happen to be Muslim in America, it’s easy to forget all the things the media throws out on a daily basis about the disaster that is the Trump campaign.

A few months ago, all the news stories and all the stories on social media around Donald Trump were about the violence, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia witnessed at Trump rallies. Every day, there was a new headline: a Black Lives Matter supporter was beaten up at a Trump rally in Nevada, a young woman of color was shoved and subjected to racial slurs by a white nationalist and an elderly veteran in Kentucky, a young man of color was punched in the face while being escorted out for protesting in North Carolina.

As Trump goes on to say more awful things and prove his cluelessness about foreign policy, it’s easy to lose sight of what his movement is actually all about. What’s at stake in the next election appears to be, according to the voices of those who attend his rallies and support his policies, more about preserving the supremacy of the white male over all other races and genders who ask to be treated fairly.

As they chant “Make America Great Again,” they say they yearn for a time before the Civil Rights Era, before the feminist movement, before the rest of the country went and developed some small bit of understanding toward black and brown folks who threaten to upend the very order of things.

The New York Times sent reporters into Trump rallies from the beginning of Trump’s campaign. The unfiltered version of what is expressed by Donald Trump’s supporters is nothing less than absolutely chilling. Their excitement and enthusiasm is, according to their own words, based in hatred and bigotry. It’s disturbing to watch, not suitable for work, and definitely not suitable for viewing around children, but it’s important that we remember who exactly is involved in the movement to make this man our next president.

All of Donald Trump’s supporters may not be racist, or sexist, or bigoted, but it certainly seems as if all the racists, sexists, and bigots are definitely Donald Trump supporters.

Featured image via Flikr by Gage Skidmore available under a Creative Commons license