Soldier Who Served With Humayun Khan Comes Forward, Trump Campaign HUMILIATED (VIDEO)


Donald Trump, Republican nominee and possibly the most egotistical man in the United States, has yet again spewed his bigotry across the nation. Trump’s whole campaign, since the beginning, has consisted of violence, lies, and hatred towards anyone who is different from him.

While Trump spreads his ignorance across the country and gains attention from like-minded bigots, many Americans are speaking out against him and his inability to be a decent human being. Khizr Khan, father of fallen soldier Humayun Khan, has not taken Trump’s extreme racism and lack of empathy lightly.

In response to Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims from entering the United States, Khan publicly spoke out about the dim-wit at the Democratic National Convention.

‘He vows to build walls and ban us from this country. Donald Trump, you’re asking Americans to trust you with their future. Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?’

Questioning his intelligence and reminding Trump that America was founded by immigrants, Khan slammed him in front of everyone at the convention. Trump was infuriated by this hit to his ego and claimed that, if he were president when Khan’s son was in the military, he would not have died.

On Tuesday, Laci Walker, Army Sargent under late Captain Humayun Khan, spoke to CNN about the Trump vs. Khizr Khan dispute. Sgt. Walker spoke fondly of Khan, stating, “He was the most incredible man to work for.” She also reminisced on his kindness. “If we [soldiers under him] had to work through lunch, he’d always make us all tuna fish sandwiches. He was very kind, all the time.”

The good times with Khan did not overshadow the fact that he was a fighter who died defending his country and protecting the citizens back home. Walker reminded Americans everywhere,

‘He didn’t wear his heritage on his shoulder, He wore the American flag like all of us did.’

Donald Trump’s stereotyping and blatant displays of racism prove to the Khan family and the rest of America that he is only in the election for himself. Rather than seeing American heroes for what they truly are, Trump labels them by their race and religion, failing to acknowledge their heroic deeds.

Watch Sargent Laci Walker’s interview below!

Video courtesy of CNN via YouTube

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