BREAKING: Powerful Republican Tells NBC He Is DUMPING Trump, GOP Spirals Out Of Control


A lot of Republicans are jumping ship and gravitating towards Hillary Clinton in support of her campaign, while Donald Trump continues to dig his own grave. Former GOP Republican Sen. Gordon Humphrey is yet another prospect to speak out against Trump. Humphrey tells NBC news that there is a possibility of him voting for Hillary but, only if it is necessary to prevent the Republican nominee from stepping foot in the Oval Office.

On Thursday, Senator Humphrey told NBC news that he is convinced that Donald Trump might be suffering from psychological issues and the idea of the Republican nominee becoming the commander in chief is petrifying.

‘I am ever more confirmed in my belief that Trump is a sociopath, without a conscience or feelings of guilt, shame or remorse. And he is pathologically insecure, recklessly attacking anyone who does not confirm him as the best there is,’

Humphrey told NBC News in an email.

This isn’t the first time Senator Humphrey’s has questioned Trump’s mental status, as he told the New Hampshire Union Leader in May that he refuses to support Donald Trump because he thinks he’s a ‘sociopath’.

‘I would only vote for Hillary in the event of a very close contest,’

Senator Gordon Humphrey said.

Meanwhile, he’s hoping the Republican leadership  will finally show enough courage and principle to denounce Trump and to demand he renounce the nomination or face a reconvening of the convention.

The comments arose as an increasing number of influential Republican officials and donors abandoned Donald Trump, following refusal to support House Speaker Paul Ryan in an upcoming primary election and his public dispute with the Golden Star Khan family, parents of the soldier who was killed in Iraq.

Since Donald Trump’s rampage of erratic statements, members of the GOP have had enough of the Republican nominee and have finally come out to denounce him.

Just yesterday, Republican Specialist Liz Mair, spoke out against Donald Trump calling him a loudmouth “d*ck” because of his habit of offending people and then engaging in an airing of grievances.

Liz spoke on CNN Wednesday afternoon, distancing the GOP from their nominated candidate as she spoke about Trump having an agenda separate from the Republicans’. She stated that if the Republicans don’t do anything to stop the nominee, Trump will continue to bring him and the rest of the party down with him.

Earlier this week former President George Bush spoke at a private fundraiser in Cincinnati disparaging Donald Trumps foreign policies on “isolationism, nativism and protectionism.”  George Bush spoke about the imperatives of a free society and making everyone feel welcomed.

The Bush family has made no effort in trying to support Trump during his campaign. The absence of former President George W. Bush and his father, former President George H.W. Bush from the GOP Convention in Cleveland earlier last month created a massive wedge between the Bush family and the political establishment.

President Barack Obama even continues to make scolding remarks toward Trump, rightfully stating that the Republican nominee doesn’t have what it takes to be President and should not be trusted making executive decisions regarding the welfare of our nation.

Hillary Clinton said it best:

‘A man you can bait with a tweet, should not be the President of the United States.’

Republicans are now turning their back on Trump and his campaign still continues to deteriorate. Hillary Clinton is now leading 15%. Bad news for Trump. It makes one wonder who he plans to attack for media coverage next.

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