JUST IN: Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Endorses Paul Ryan For President, ‘No Longer Challenging..


Donald Trump’s campaign manager just “accidentally” said that he supports US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for President.

As Politico reports:

‘”Look. I support the speaker and I know after next week, I’m supporting him as a candidate for president, too,” Manafort said on “CBS This Morning,” before quickly correcting himself amid laughter.’

Co-hosts Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose both jokingly remarked that “there is talk about” Trump dropping out of the presidential race and being replaced with, perhaps, Paul Ryan.

Paul Manafort’s epic misspeak comes as the Republican presidential candidate draws serious heat for his refusal to officially endorse Ryan in his bid to be reelected to Congress.

Trump also refused to endorse Arizona’s US Senator John McCain, in moves that have brought Republican leadership to seriously question the future of their party with such an indecent man at the top.

With Trump showing little to no effort to actually rein in the warring factions of his party, his obscene lack of the temperament required to serve as president of the United States is made clear yet again.

Not only is Trump disregarding his party, but he is also disregarding what could be the only real avenue to him becoming president of the United States. Without, at the very least, a unified political party behind him, Trump’s already long shot candidacy falls even further behind.

If Trump can’t grasp basic domestic political maneuvering, what could make anyone think he can grasp the intricacies of global politics that┬áconfront the president of the United States on a daily basis?

He cannot bring the volatility of his many successful and unsuccessful business ventures into the office of President of the United States and expect anything good to come of it. Although, thinking about causes outside of himself doesn’t seem to be high on Trump’s agenda.

Curiously, Manafort has been under intense scrutiny himself lately. Reports have suggested that he has effectively given up on the Trump campaign. In addition, the New York Times recently revealed that Manafort has long been on the payroll of pro-Putin Ukrainian politicians — and that he even helped orchestrate elements of the unrest that exploded in Ukraine as Russia invaded the Crimean peninsula.

What all of this reveals is what long term models and most polls have pointed to all along. The Donald Trump campaign cannot stand up to the scrutiny required of a serious run for the presidency. Trump continues to look at a resounding loss come November.

Watch the video featuring Manafort’s misspeak below, via Politico.

Featured Image via Bloomberg/ Getty Images.