JUST IN: Republican Electoral Voters Turning On Donald Trump, Vow To NOT Cast Vote (DETAILS)


Georgia Republican and GOP Activist, Baoky Vu, is speaking out against Republican nominee Donald Trump. Vu holds one of the electoral votes for Georgia if Trump wins the state in November and refuses to support the narcissist. Trump has spread hate across the nation throughout his candidacy and Vu will not stand for that in a candidate.

On Wednesday, Vu released a statement explaining he can not morally cast his vote for Donald Trump. Since he is in Georgia, he is not required to follow the popular vote and may cast his vote for whom he chooses. Though it is recommended to follow the popular vote when casting an electoral vote, Vu can not bring himself to vote for Trump.

Vu, who fled Vietnam with his family in 1975 to escape the communist rule and ended up in America by 1977, does not take lightly to Trump’s ignorance. When Trump began a public argument with fallen Army Captain Humayun Khan’s family, Vu was reminded Trump is not a candidate he will support.

In the statement released Wednesday, Vu announced,

‘I’ve been active in the Republican Party for many years precisely because it has championed the aspirational ideals of Lincoln, Reagan and Kemp.  Our recent standard-bearers have proudly and honorably defended those ideas on the political battlefield.  From Bush 41 to Romney to Jeb and many of the other 2016 primary contestants, there was never a wavering doubt as to their character, integrity and temperament.

Until now.’

Following a line of other prominent Republicans, Vu points out Trump does not hold the same values, morals, and objectives the GOP was founded on. Trump’s GOP is drastically different from the Republican party during Lincoln’s and Reagan’s times, thus pushing many faithful GOP voters away.

While Vu is correct, he is not required to vote based on the popular vote, it is highly suggested and very rare that an electoral vote goes against the popular vote. According to Washington Post, “fewer than two true faithless electors per election” in 57 elections have taken the same stand as Vu and gone against the popular vote.

In Vu’s statement he explains Trump does not fit the values the party was founded on and states he “will always put the America first over party and labels.” Trump’s lack of morals and varying party views causes an internal challenge for Vu when facing party loyalty versus doing what is best for the nation.

Vu continues with a blow at Trump,

‘Rather than earning the American people’s respect and trust through the duration of the past year, Donald Trump’s antics and asinine behavior has cemented my belief that he lacks the judgment, temperament and gravitas to lead this Nation.  Throughout the process, he has hurled insults at our heroes and their families, denigrated the disabled and praised dictators.  Forget political incorrectness, this is simply despicable demagoguery.’

Trump’s manipulative tactics, lack of compassion, and extreme racism put an extreme risk on the Republican party. Not only does Trump not have support from Democrats across the nation, but many well-respected and well-known Republican leaders are not backing the narcissistic buffoon either.

Baoky Vu, along with many other prominent Republicans, will not be casting their vote for Donald Trump this election as his views differ from many GOP views.

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license