FBI Investigating Frightening Hate Crime, Ni**er Painted On Car, Kids Toys Slashed, Gasoline….


In Pitcairn Bourough, Pennsylvania, about 29 miles east of Pittsburgh, a young working mother found the word “n*gger” spray-painted across the side of her vehicle. The violence and hatred continued and escalated until the family was forced from their home. Now, local police are calling for FBI involvement.

On Wednesday, July 27, 2016, Courtney Mike-Wilson found the racial epitaph painted on her car. Because it was on the passenger side, she didn’t notice it until late that afternoon.

A few days later, Mike-Wilson found her daughter’s dodgeballs slashed open on her doorstep. If the first incident upset her, this one terrified her.

‘That morning they were popped in front of my door just so I can’t miss them. I think that’s what scares me right there is you have no problem coming on my front porch.’

On August 3, just one week after the first incident, Courtney Mike-Wilson came home to find her daughter’s toys and bicycle soaked in gasoline. The young mother felt she had no choice but to get her daughter out of the home. She is currently staying with family while her mother looks for a new place for the two to live. She said,

‘It’s time to go. Especially with my daughter, it’s time to go.’

Mike-Wilson and her family do not understand why the young mother was targeted. She says she spends all of her time working and raising her four-year-old foster child. During the week of terror, the woman was too afraid to allow her daughter out of the house even to play or go to daycare. Although Courtney Mike-Wilson did not have the money readily available to pay first and last month’s rent for a new home instantly, she knew she had to get her daughter out of danger.

To help with the costs of moving and getting her car repainted, friends of the family have started a GoFundMe account. At the time of this writing, the site has raised $955 of its $2,500 goal.

Pitcairn Police Chief Scott Farally called the crimes “disgusting” and “hateful” and said that the hate crimes warranted an investigation by the FBI.

See local news coverage of the situation below:

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