JUST IN: NBC Television BANS Donald Trump From Returning To His Show (DETAILS)


Before becoming the Republican nominee, Donald Trump went through a few career changes. He worked in real estate, casinos and hotels, and even got his feet wet in acting. After 14 seasons of “The Celebrity Apprentice” and a few other gigs, though, Trump decided to put his acting career away and run for President.

Though Trump was a loyal host on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” NBC has made it clear that when Trump’s campaign fails, they will not take him back.

At TCA Summer Press Day 2016, NBC’s Chairman Robert Greenblatt said,

‘I have no idea if he has a future in television, but he would never be back on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” if that’s the question.’

He followed that statement up by adding,

‘As long as I’m here.’

Greenblatt refuses to rehire Donald Trump, and this is a smart move, as Trump’s plummeting likability ratings may affect the station. Though Trump won’t be welcomed back on that series, Greenblatt completely dodged the question of whether NBC will take Trump back for other acting gigs.

Greenblatt acknowledged that Trump will be on NBC due to the upcoming election, as with all Presidential candidates during election season, but he remained inconclusive about the future. When asked if Trump will be considered for any other NBC shows, he claimed he “couldn’t answer that at this point.”

The question was then shifted to NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke. She replied that she has no idea what would happen due to the ever-changing scenarios.

‘We’re taking one sort of day at a time and seeing where he [Trump] ends up and sort of watching this unfold like all of you. We’re not involved in his life and we’ll evaluate those things as they come up in the future.’

Donald Trump successfully led 14 seasons of “The Celebrity Apprentice” before he decided to stop his acting career and look into politics. The show will now be taken over by former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Greenblatt is taking a stand against Donald Trump by saying he will never work for “The Celebrity Apprentice” again. Trump’s likability is plummeting, and Greenblatt does not want his views, ignorance, or arrogance tied to NBC. When Trump’s shot for the White House fails, he may need to search a little harder, as his old show will not be his fall back plan.

Watch Donald Trump on “The Celebrity Apprentice” below.

Video courtesy of The Celebrity Apprentice via YouTube.

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license