Sean Hannity Goes On WILD Twitter Rampage After WSJ Editor Calls Him ‘Dumbest Anchor’ (TWEETS)


Conservative Fox News anchor Sean Hannity proved himself on Thursday to be just as thin-skinned as his party’s nominee, Donald Trump.

Hannity had something of a meltdown after Bret Stephens, editor for the Wall Street Journal, posted a tweet calling him “Fox News’ dumbest anchor.”

Stephens’ tweet was in response to Hannity saying on his radio show Wednesday that the blame lies with GOP leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell if Donald Trump loses to Hillary Clinton in November. During his show, Hannity accused Republicans of being harder on Trump than on President Obama and said that he is “sick and tired” of all of them.

Stephens didn’t like what Hannity had to say on his show, but Hannity hated Stephens’ tweet about him. Shortly after Stephens’ initial offense, Hannity launched into a full blown tirade, attacking Stephens and calling him, among other things, “dumbass” and an “arrogant, elitist enabler.”

Many Twitter users were quick to respond to Hannity’s vitriol. Some even pointed out the comparison between Hannity’s rant and those of Donald Trump’s.

Stephens seems to have gotten the last word in, though, posting this tweet early Friday morning:

Hannity announced on his show just a couple of months ago that he would be voting for Donald Trump in November. Shortly before he endorsed Trump, Hannity admitted to going easy on him and the other Republican candidates during interviews because he wants a Republican to win the election.

Hannity may be determined to help Trump win by going easy on him, but other Fox News anchors like Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace have been aggressively doing the opposite. Kelly struggled with Trump by refusing to give him easy questions when she moderated a GOP debate earlier this year. Her refusal to back down resulted in Trump skipping the next debate altogether.

Wallace also refused to go easy on the Trump campaign during an interview earlier today with Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort. When Manafort tried to argue that the Republican party was unified behind Trump, Wallace called him on his bluff, citing the numerous Republicans who have refused to give Trump their vote.

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