Trump Campaign HUMILIATED As News Networks Begin ‘Fact Checking’ Him LIVE (IMAGES)


People want to know who they’re voting for and they want to know that what their party’s nominee is saying is fact or fiction. Since we can’t rely on politicians to tells us the truth we rely on the media to dig deep and provide us with sourced facts.

Fact-checking this election season has been unprecedented, as it should be. Networks are fact-checking left and right on all candidates. The star of most fact-checking focus is most certainly Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Trump has lied in the past about so many things I couldn’t possibly list them all here. But I selected a few things the Republican presidential nominee has said that were proved to be completely false by PolitiFact, for example.

Trump lie:

‘The Obama administration was actively supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist group that became the Islamic State.’

Trump lie:

‘It is Hillary Clinton’s agenda to release the violent criminals from jail. She wants them all released.’

Trump lie:

‘Out of 67 counties (in Florida), I won 66, which is unprecedented. It’s never happened before.’

Trump lie:

‘Crime is rising.’

These aren’t even the whoppers of the bunch. This is a man that has a decent chance of being elected leader of the United States, folks. This should be extremely alarming.

We’ve covered fact-checking Donald Trump stories before. The man lies so much it’s hard to keep up, but thankfully major networks like CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and PolitiFact are all on board with fact-checking the Republican nominee.

This graph compiled of information from PolitiFact shows us just how much we’re being lied to by politicians. He lost the top lying spot to Michele Bachmann, but Michele Bachmann isn’t running for president of the United States.

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Fact-checking is hopefully becoming the new norm. In a digital world that saturated with information it would be helpful to know if the information you’re receiving is, in fact, true.

Brian Stelter, Host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, is doing some of his own fact checking and noticing the fact-checking is happening pretty regularly.

With the direction Donald Trump’s campaign has taken we can only hope he continues to snowball down hill, drop out of the presidential race, and disappear from politics and the media all together. The chances are slim, but we can hope.

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