BREAKING: Univision Releases DEVASTATING Melania Trump ‘Green Card’ Bombshell (DETAILS)


In recent days, many questions have arisen around Melania Trump’s immigration status, but now her marital status is being questioned, as well. After previously unseen adult photos of the GOP presidential nominee’s wife were somehow oddly plastered all over the cover of a publication that has endorsed and supported Trump, the “scandal” has raised far deeper questions than whether or not America is ready for a First Lady who posed for adult photos.

Melania Trump told Larry King in an interview in 2005 that she had never been married before her nuptials to Donald Trump, but that doesn’t seem to be the whole story. An immigration attorney who works for the Trump Organization, Michael Wildes, who now backs that story, told Univision’s investigative unit that Melania had obtained a green card in 2001 “based on marriage.”

Wildes’s role in the Trump Organization as an immigration attorney was to ensure the legal entry into the United States of contestants in the Miss Universe pageant as well as models who worked for the Trump Organization. Univision confirms that they were told by Wildes that Melania’s green card had been secured on the basis of marriage to a U.S. citizen a full four years before she married the business mogul on January 22, 2005.

There are only a few ways other than marriage to a U.S. citizen that an immigrant can receive a green card, and none of them are likely in the case of Melania Trump. A green card can be obtained if an employer, who can show a sincere effort to have tried to fill a position of employment with American workers with no success, fills an available employment position with an immigrant seeking a green card. Wildes confirms that this is not one of the avenues he has typically used to employ models, as it is too difficult to prove that American models were not available for the job.

Another path to a green card for an immigrant in the modeling business is to prove that the applicant has other skills needed in the United States. For instance, the model may also have a degree in architecture or skills in graphic design for which he or she can also be seeking employment in addition to modeling. Melania Trump, who was listed as having a college degree on Trump’s website, was discovered to have been untruthful in that claim, and the information was removed from Trump’s site. It is highly unlikely, therefore, that this was the case with her green card application.

The third and only other way to obtain a green card in the short period of only five years is through marriage. Wildes told Univision that this was the case with Melania Trump, although he denies it vehemently now, calling it “moot and ridiculous.” He didn’t seem to think so when he made his original statements to Univision, however.

As much as Wildes would like to dismiss the issue as “moot,” it really isn’t considering Trump’s campaign platform, which is heavily based in controlling illegal immigration and deporting people who have entered entered the country illegally. If Melania Trump worked in the country before or even after obtaining the visa she says she did, an HB1 visa which doesn’t allow the holder to work in the U.S., his own wife committed the same crime he claims to abhor. Even more confusing, however, are all of the lies surrounding Melania Trump’s answers and history about her own immigration process.

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