John Kasich EXPOSES Donald Trump For Being The Liar He Is, DENIES The VP Story (DETAILS)


Former presidential candidate and Governor of Ohio John Kasich went on CNN today and slammed Donald Trump for his blatant lies.

After Kasich turned down Trump’s offer to be his vice president, Trump announced that he had never wanted Kasich to be his running mate and that no one had ever contacted him about it. Trump’s overpowering ego wouldn’t let him take a hit from the Ohio governor and he quickly tried to backtrack and take his offer off the table.

The New York Times reports, though, that Donald Trump had his eldest son ask Kasich to be Trump’s running mate for the 2016 election. Kasich was asked specifically to be in charge of domestic and foreign policy. Trump is completely uneducated on foreign policy and has no will to become more knowledgable, but if Kasich was also supposed to handle domestic policy, it doesn’t seem like there would be much left for Trump to do.

Jake Tapper of CNN tried to get more insight into the New York Times piece and asked Kasich what actually happened between him and Trump regarding his possible spot as vice president.

Kasich announced,

‘I never got a call, apparently my aides did.’

Tapper confirmed that Donald Trump Junior had called one of Kasich’s aides to offer Kasich the position.

Kasich then went on to explain that he was never interested in being vice president.

‘I said during the campaign, and nobody in the press believed it. I might have agreed to be George Washington’s vice president, but I got the second best job in the country. You know, president, and governor of Ohio, so I was never interested in being anybody’s vice president.’

Kasich feels strongly about his job as Governor of Ohio and refuses to be second best. However, if the offer for a vice presidential position came from a more respected candidate who had similar views to Kasich, perhaps he would change his mind. As for Donald Trump, though, Kasich refuses to work with the epitome of selfishness and continuously calls him out on his constant lying.

Watch Kasich’s explanation below!

Video courtesy of Politicus USA

Image Source: Flickr with modifications using a Creative Commons license.