Florida Man Clowns Trump, Sends ‘The Greatest Open Letter’ To Local Newspaper, Viral In Seconds


The Tampa Bay Times recently received a letter from a reader who thought the paper needed a boost in content, and what is one way to boost content while entertaining an audience? You just write a letter as if you were Donald Trump and no one had ever written a letter like yours in the history letters.

In an attempt to make the Florida newspaper “great again,” one reader channelled his inner Trump as he penned this very serious letter to the editor-in-chief:

“I write fabulous letters. If you read all the letters I have written, you would agree. You would love them. Other letter writers are weak, soft and out of touch. I’m not like that, and I’m sure if you are reading this you aren’t either.”

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“This paper really needs great letters, and I am awesome at letter writing. Other letter writers might attack me, but then they go away. They don’t have what it takes to keep writing great letters. I have what it takes to write the best letters. Letter writers who disagree need to be punched in the face and run out of town.”

Terry Vaught sent his “fabulous” letter to the publication, and when the editor-in-chief responded to the letter, Vaught had no other reaction than to complain about the not-so mass distribution of the piece.

Vaught’s letter continued:

“I guarantee this letter will be picked as the letter of the month. If it isn’t picked, it will prove that this letter writing contest is rigged.”

Trump has also recently claimed that if he doesn’t win the 2016 presidential election, the race must be rigged. Much like when he claimed that Hillary Clinton only beat Bernie Sanders because of a rigged election.

Vaught says that he is also displeased with the way his letter was edited before it published, he says: “I think that’s obvious, but I’m disappointed that part of it was edited. I also wrote, ‘My letters are so great I’m going to build a wall and put my letters on them. Then I’ll get the other letter writers to pay for building the wall.’”

In his final statement to the Tampa Bay Times, Vaught wrote this about not receiving the letter-of-the-month prize, “Of course, it should have been, what do you think? I’m the best letter writer of them all.”

The greatest letter ever written was uploaded to Facebook, and has been shared over 10,000 times as of Monday morning.

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