Inmate Who Beat The Crap Out Of Dylann Roof BAILED OUT By Grateful Public (DETAILS)


Mass murderer, Dylann Roof, was physically assaulted outside his jail cell at the Charleston County Detention Center last Thursday morning. Roof was on his way to the showers when 25-year old Dwayne Stafford seized an opportunity to get his hands on the self-proclaimed white supremacist.

Charleston County Sheriff, Al Cannon, told reporters that Roof was let out of his cell to shower at about 7:45am on Thursday. That is when Stafford ran down a flight of stairs and assaulted Roof in retaliation for the deaths of nine Black people at the Mother Emanuel AME church just over a year ago.

The assault was captured on prison cameras, and, while the media was allowed to view the footage, no pictures or videos were allowed. According to prison officials, about 23 minutes after Roof was let out to shower, Stafford escaped from his cell and charged after Roof.

According to CCSO:

“[The] disclosure of video of the internal physical layout and configuration of this particular housing unit could endanger the life and health of both inmates and detention officers due to its purpose and the nature of inmates housed therein.”

Immediately after the media caught wind of Roof’s assault, people all around the country began donating to Stafford’s commissary, and eventually, he had enough to post his $100,000 bail. On Friday afternoon, Stafford was released from the detention center, where he was being held on charges for assault, armed robbery, and lying to police.

Social media’s response to this amazing dose of karma put the final nail in the coffin of Roof’s pride:

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