BREAKING: FBI Contacted To Investigate Trump’s Assassination Threat Against Hillary (DETAILS)


The FBI has been contacted after Donald Trump made a cryptic yet frightening suggestion that the 2nd Amendment was the only way to stop Hillary Clinton from nominating Supreme Court Justices. The GOP nominee could potentially face criminal charges.

Here’s the direct quote that got The Donald in hot water (again)

‘Hillary wants to abolish, essentially, the Second Amendment. By the way, and if she gets the pick—if she gets the pick of her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I dunno.’

According to Politics USA,  high-level contacts at the D.C. FBI field office on Tuesday were contacted to make the case that Trump should be arrested. His statement, they argue, could be construed as an attempt to incite political violence. If found guilty, he could face felony charges under 18 U.S.C. § 879.

Scott Dworkin, senior advisor for Democratic Coalition Against Trump, was reached for comment.

‘There is no place in American politics for this kind of disgusting rhetoric. Donald Trump should immediately drop out of the race, and he should be arrested for committing a federal crime. He’s proven himself to be nothing more than a thug, and anyone supporting him after this grotesque display should be publicly shamed. It’s truly abhorrent and we must all stand united – regardless of party affiliation to say loudly that Americans reject this kind of hateful and dangerous rhetoric.’

The nomination of Supreme Court Justices is a central issue in the current election cycle. With the death of Justice Antonin Scalia and the likely scenario of two other Supreme Court Justices retiring in the next 8 years (Breyer and Ginsburg), the next president may have an enormous amount of control over the country’s highest court.

It is unlikely that Trump will face criminal charges for this latest gaffe. He is a master of skirting the line between treason and speculation, slander and gossip. When he endorsed violence against protestors at his rallies, liberals went on the attack while his supporters rationalized what he said. His hope that Russian hackers would use their skills to attack his political opponent was turned against Democrats, who were accused of McCarthy-style witch hunting. And his latest comment, where he suggested that the 2nd Amendment may be the only way to stop Hillary Clinton from nominating a Supreme Court Justice, will likely be dismissed in a similar fashion or even turned to his advantage.

Trump has been highly successful so far with his strategy. His violent, misogynistic, prejudiced, and racist rhetoric strikes a chord with the worst elements of American society. Another large group of Americans see what he says and either don’t care or offer up apologetics for him. But the things that presidential candidates say inevitably influence the cultural “temperature” of the country. Having a candidate like Trump who is open to suggesting things that would hurt the country or result in people being injured or killed is clearly bad for America. Hopefully there are repercussions here for his poll numbers when more sensible Republicans realize he’s taken his rhetoric a step too far.

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