BREAKING: Federal Court Strikes Down GOP Gerrymandering Laws In North Carolina (DETAILS)


North Carolina’s predominantly Republican legislature is now dealing with the consequences of their unconstitutional gerrymandering in 2013. Tuesday morning, a federal district court ruled North Carolina’s new congressional districts unconstitutional and ordered the state to use the new school board and county commissioner districts instead.

North Carolina Republican officials, after gaining the state’s majority, redrew the state’s districts in 2013 in order to “manufacture a conservative influence over one of the nation’s most populous counties.”

In order to keep Democrats out of office, scared North Carolina Republicans shaped the districts so that, though the state primarily votes Democratic, the regions have mainly Republican representation. According to Daily KOS, “Their gerrymanders gave them nine out of 13 congressional seats and veto-proof legislative margins in 2012 despite losing the popular vote for both bodies.”

The new court ruling will cancel out these districts and require North Carolina to switch to districts more representative of the popular vote. According to News Observer, Earl C. Johnson, plaintiff and former president of the Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association, says,

‘This is a victory for basic fairness. It is not the American way to change the rules in the middle of the game because you are losing. That is what the general assembly did when they passed these unconstitutional districts.’

Not only was changing the districts to negate the popular vote distasteful on North Carolina’s part, but it was ruled unconstitutional and proves what a little bit of power can do in the hands of dishonest politicians.

Due to North Carolina’s dishonesty, the rules have changed.

‘This year’s county commissioner elections will feature at-large races in districts 4, 5 and 6. The school board elections will feature races in nine districts. Winners will serve two-year terms instead of the normal four-year terms’

From here it is up to the state to implement the new districts and follow the court-ordered plans. However, North Carolina will be up for redistricting soon, and the state will be in charge of making an effective plan unsupervised by the courts.

Watch this video below to learn more about the unconstitutional districting.

Video courtesy of David Pakman Show via YouTube

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