JUST IN: Donald Trump Releases INSANE Statement ‘Explaining’ His Assassination Threat (DETAILS)


Today, Donald Trump effectively issued a call to kill Hillary Clinton should she be elected president of the United States.

Soon after his comments, however, the Trump campaign issued a statement blaming the “dishonest media” for spinning Trump’s comments into a death threat.

The original subject of Trump’s remarks was the selection of the next U.S. Supreme Court justices. There is a high likelihood that the next president will nominate not only one, but multiple justices to the Supreme Court. Antonin Scalia recently died, vacating his seat, and several other justices are elderly, to the point of looking at what is almost certainly their final years in office.

This judicial selection has figured prominently into the election so far, with both the Republican and Democratic camp issuing calls for voters to stick by their side, lest the opposing presidential candidate be tasked with choosing the next Supreme Court justices.

With the Supreme Court justices serving for life, whoever chooses them gets to shape the next several decades of American judicial policy.

This issue is what Donald Trump was talking, or rather, trying to talk about today when he suggested that Clinton be assassinated should she become president. All the while, Clinton is almost certainly looking at a win in November — and untold numbers of Trump supporters have already openly flaunted a willingness for violence, especially in the case of a Trump loss.

Trump’s threat doesn’t exactly need spinning, as much as he’d like to pretend that it does.

He said:

‘By the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Although, [for] the Second Amendment people maybe there is. I don’t know.’

The Second Amendment is, of course, the piece of American law that guarantees the American people’s right to bear arms. There’s really not much “room for interpretation” here. Trump said that people with guns could do something about Clinton picking Supreme Court justices should she be elected.

What do people do with guns besides shoot them?

Truth and fact did not, however, stop the Trump campaign from claiming Trump never said what he said.

You can read the Trump campaign’s “response” below, titled “Trump Campaign Statement on Dishonest Media.”

The statement claims, in short, that he meant that Second Amendment supporters should vote for him to keep Clinton from choosing Supreme Court justices.

However, that’s not, of course, what he actually said. The instance he was pointing to came only if Clinton was elected and she actually was poised to pick Supreme Court justices. Thus, he was calling for her assassination.

Neither Trump or his supporters care for the truth, though.

Featured Image via Sara D. Davis/ Getty Images.