Powerful Republican Judge Who Claims Gay People Ruin Families Gets BUSTED For Sexual Abuse


A judge who made a name for himself through anti-LGBT bigotry has been suspended for sexual misconduct.

Tallapoosa County, Alabama Probate Judge Leon Archer sexually targeted a decades younger woman for months following the annulment of her marriage.

Archer first made contact with the woman, who remains unnamed, when she was married in his office. At that time, Archer made a point of noting to the woman the age difference between herself and her husband-to-be — the woman was 34, while the man, who is also unnamed, was 68.

It was after the annulment of the woman’s marriage when the sexual harassment started. Archer reportedly sent the woman explicit Facebook messages, including adult photos of himself.

As the Associated Press reports:

‘In January, Archer began sending the woman sexually explicit messages and adult photos on Facebook, investigators alleged. The complaint includes more than 60 pages of printed messages between Archer and the woman, including ones in which he allegedly wrote: “I want to hear you moan” and “what happened to us hooking up.”’

Archer’s consequence is six months of unpaid suspension.

However, after that six months, Archer will pick up his tenure again, thus coming in contact with untold numbers of potential victims.

Archer made a name for himself as one of the Alabama judges who quit performing marriages after the United States Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. Archer, and the other judges who fell in line similarly, quit performing marriages in protest of the the legalization of gay marriage.

Refusal to do one’s job is a notable trend among Republican leaders lately, with US Senate Republicans long refusing to even hold a hearing on the subject of confirming President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

Obama nominated Garland as a replacement for recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Citing an imaginary precedent, however, of waiting for the next president’s choice, Senate Republicans continue to refuse to carry out Garland’s confirmation.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell even noted the decision to not do his job as one of the best moments of his career. In the meantime, the United States now functions with an understaffed Supreme Court.

Notably, at the same time that Archer has come under investigation, Alabama’s Supreme Court Chief Justice is facing removal from office. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore issued the “administrative order” earlier this year that backed the actions of the probate judges like Archer who refused to perform same sex marriages.

Moore is accused of “violating canons of conduct without a trial.” After a hearing this past Monday, Moore is now facing a September trial on ethics violations charges.

Thus, yet again, the Republicans’ beloved farce of being committed to a higher cause of family values is exposed as a joke. Actually, Republican leaders across the nation appear to be addicted to sickening corruption. This corruption may take the form of sexual harassment, or it may take the form of turning a public office into a money funnel dedicated to the Republican office holder.

Featured Image via Jeffrey Reed/ Wikimedia Commons, Available via Creative Commons License.