CNN Segment EXPLODES With Chaos After Trump Surrogate Defends Assassination Threat (VIDEO)


Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock these past couple of months, you know that Donald Trump has been the king of getting people to debate over things he said and what he actually meant when he said those things. He is really the talk of the town, and the latest of his mystery mumbles would have to be when he (maybe/maybe not) threatened Hillary Clinton at a rally in North Carolina on Tuesday.

It isn’t certain how many people sat at home, watched the rally, and then debated over his words. What is for certain is that CNN host Don Lemon and former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino had this debate out in the open for the world to see, and they were not pulling out any stops.

The argument began when the former Secret Service Agent, now Republican Congressional Candidate, Bongino, denied that Trump’s words meant any harm at all. He joked that their conversation had “almost broken down into the comical realm” and he had to stop himself from laughing because he couldn’t understand what the controversy was about.

Mr. Bongino saying that there was no controversy and thinking that the issue was laughable was enough to get blood boiling. It appeared he did so, but the panel sat quietly and patiently as he scrambled to explain his stance. It seemed that he finally set Don Lemon over the edge when he played the clip and Bongino asked why he thought that meant it was a “call to an open revolution” and an “open call to start firing their weapons at public officials”.

Don Lemon tried to stop at that point and correct him from putting words into his mouth.

‘No one said that, Dan. No one said that, no one said that…If he wanted people to go out and vote, why not just say ‘Go out and vote. The Supreme Court depends on it’.’

Lemon then asked him why not be as clear with his words as he can be since he wants to be the leader of the free world. Bongino responded asking whether he wanted him to answer that question, then rambled on and on about other things, never really answering the question.

That seems to be a theme with Trump and his camp, the habit of not completely answering questions.

The argument continued on for another few minutes, never seeming to get anywhere between the two, but certainly making one man look more foolish than the other.

Arguments will continue to arise until we get a clear answer as to what Trump actually meant.

Watch the clip below and decide for yourself whether you think he made any threats and whether or not Dan Bongino made any points in the midst of his rambling.–N3481I

Image: Getty Images