Donald Trump LAUNCHES Into Furious Tweet Attack Against CNN’s Don Lemon (TWEETS)


Donald Trump just cannot stop mocking people who speak out against him. After last night’s battle between Don Lemon and Republican Congressional candidate Dan Bongino, Trump was more than eager to hop on Twitter and get after Lemon.

Bongino and Lemon got into a heated debate when the two had a disagreement about Donald Trump’s controversial statement concerning “Second Amendment people” doing something about Hillary Clinton. Lemon thought, like so many others, that the statement may have been hinting toward violence against Clinton. Bongino argued that Trump clearly meant advocates for the Second Amendment need to get out and vote in order to stop Clinton from repealing it.

Ultimately, no questions were answered, and still no one knows what Donald Trump really meant. But that didn’t stop Bongino and Trump from thinking that they came out on top that night.

In a tweet Wednesday morning, Trump congratulated Bongino on doing a fantastic job of defending him and the Second Amendment. However, Trump couldn’t help but add at the end of his statement that Lemon was “dumb as a rock.” It’s almost as if he can’t help himself when it comes to trash talk. It wasn’t enough to just thank Bongino, he had to throw a sucker punch in to make himself feel better.

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It’s unclear why Trump called Lemon names, though. Throughout the entire conversation between Lemon and Bongino, Lemon kept his composure, allowed everyone to speak, and never interrupted. He acted as a total professional when it came to listening to Bongino blabber on, and he only seemed a bit unnerved toward the end when he realized the conversation wasn’t going anywhere.

Maybe Trump thinks Lemon is a lightweight because he didn’t want to waste his time trying to reason with someone who didn’t want to hear facts. Or maybe he thinks Lemon is a lightweight because he didn’t resort to name calling — something everyone in the Trump camp is very experienced in.

The only way Trump seems to be able to get back at anyone who criticizes him is by name calling. That isn’t any way for someone to handle themselves when they want to be the leader of the free world. If someone wants to lead a country, they should be a bit more mature than a high school bully.

Perhaps Donald Trump and his camp should focus less on burning anchors on Twitter and a little more on what he’s going to say when it comes time to debate Hillary Clinton. That is, of course, if he decides that he is going to show up to the debates at all.

In case you missed the craziness on CNN, below is a clip showing the argument.

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